Betrayal and lies

Mar 18, 2015
by: 20mannans

Act 1 Scene 1
Setting: Party (Bright lights and sprites dancing.) Karen is on stage left
( Enter Veronica and Alex from stage right)
(Karens starts dancing)
Karen: Hi guys I am so glad you could have made it.
Veronica: we were happy to be invited.
Karen: have fun, I have to go greet the other guest
Veronica: ok bye.
(Karen leaves stage)
Alex: wow this is some wild party.
Veronica: I know right.
Alex: let's dance
(Pause and alex stop dancing.)
Veronica whispers: let's go into another room. It's important.
Alex: okay?!
Act 1 scene 2:
Both Veronica and Alex are inside another room.
Alex: What is it?
(Veronica shows alex the text where it says, having fun at the party. ....not for long. I see you and you better watch your back.)
Alex: it's probably a joke.
Veronica: But why would someone joke about that.
Alex: I don't know, but I'm going back to the party, you coming?
Veronica: yeah ill be there in a little bit.
Alex leaves room.
Act 1 scene 3
(Veronica is outside enters from stage right. She gets a text that says come outside and come alone)
She looks around and hear's noises.
Kelly comes from stage right.
Veronica: What are you doing here
Kelly:How can you betray me like that. Today was my birthday
Veronica: I am sorry but I was going to throw you suprised birthday.
Kelly: But its our tradition to celebrate my birthday together.
Veronica: I am so sorry,how about lets ditch this place and go get some cake.\
Kelly:I would love that.
Create: Developers logs
Session 1: Wed 3/11 10:15 school
I only finished steps 1-3 and it wasn't to hard to do. But i should pick up my pace if I want to finish in time.
Session 2: Friday 3/13 10:15 school
And I finished the first scene and it took me longer than I expected and it was really tedious to get my characters into the position I want them in. Also the conversation was very short so I should have added more to it.
Session 3: Monday 3/16 8:13 Home
I finished everything without a problem because i tried to follow what i did for my storyboards. But I wish I could have made my animation longer and it be more detailed but it took me a long time just to get everything done but I was missing some actions because I didnt have time to finish it.