The Legend of Shmelda

Mar 19, 2015
by: 20sakibs

This is a project that I had made on Scratch, a program that allows you to create animations. I had made an animation parody based off of one of my most favorite games, and made the characters seem stupid. There was a lot of work involved in it to make a 2 minute long animation. I had to create a script that I would have to follow. I would have to make storyboards using to make a basic layout of what my animation should look like. Then I had to create the actual project and follow a time plan that tells me how much time I should take to do on specific thing. SO this is my project and hard work.


Act 1: Scene 1
(Chink and Navy are in a castle scene in front of a closed drawbridge, they appear at left stage)
Chink: We be here, what now?
Navy: Find a way to open the damn door already.
Chink: Open sesame.
(The drawbridge starts to lower, you can hear the sound of horse hooves, then you see a white horse emerging through the entrance of the draw bridge and someone was riding on it.)
Navy: Princess Shmelda!!!
(Someone rides through the entrance of the castle riding on a black horse, he was raging about something and seemed to be an evil man.)
Wartypig: Dang nab it, I lost her again!!!!
Wartypig: Hey kid have you seen the princess?
Chink: Who is that?
Navy: That is Wartypig, the dude who kills people you big dummy.
Chink: Who are you?
Wartypig: I’m Wartypig for crying out loud!!!!
(Wartypig exits at stage left by riding his horse at Chink and knocking Chink over)
Chink: Ow!!!! Was he really my mommy?
Navy: You are hopeless.

Act 2: Scene 1
(Chink and Navy enter left stage as they enter through the door)
Chink: Navy where are we?
Navy: We are in the temple of time.
Navy: Now repeat after me, bippity, boppity, boo.
Chink: Pippity, poppity, poo.
(Nothing happens, a silence)
Navy: No it is bippity, boppity, boo.
Chink: Bippity, boppity, boo.
(Two doors open up at right stage after saying those words, Chink and Navy enter into the secret chamber.)

Act 2: Scene 2
(Chink and Navy enter left stage into the secret chamber.)
Chink: Where are we again?
Navy: We are still in the temple of time!
Chink: Oh.
Chink: Wow that is a shiny sword.
Navy: Go to the pedestal and pull it out.
(Chink throws away his normal sword, walks over to the pedestal, he struggles to pull it out of the pedestal, he becomes a few pixels taller.)
(He pulls the champion sword out of the pedestal and starts swinging and tries it out.)

Act 3: Scene 1
(Chink and Navy enter from left stage and confront Wartypig who isn’t on his horse.)
Chink: Wartypig today is the day you meet your doom.
Wartypig: Puny hero, you can’t defeat me, not when I am triumphant.
Navy: Chink take him out now.
(Chink starts running at Wartypig with his new sword but he trips over a rock.)
(The sword goes flying and as Wartypig was laughing at Chink’s clumsiness, the sword lands and pierces his forehead turning him to stone.)
Wartypig: NOOOOOOOOOOOO! You can’t do this to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chink: Did we get him?
Navy: …………..
Navy: You are so stupid.

Developer’s Log #1: I found a few pictures that I would like to use as some of my sprites and for some of of the backdrops.
Developer’s Log #2: I finished making my characters but it took me 10 extra minutes due to the fact that I had some extent of trouble creating the character’s on Scratch by drawing them, and for some of the uploaded pictures of characters, I had some difficulty resizing them. If I don’t how to work some features on Scratch then it probably will take me some extra time to figure out how to use these features or blocks that I want to use. I am guessing that it will take me from 5-20 extra minutes to finish one of the action plans if I run across something difficult.
Developer’s Log #3: I was able to finish my first scene but it took about 10 minutes more than I had estimated.
Developer's Log #4: I was able to finish all of the remaining scenes that in the action plan in less than the predicted time because I had learned how to use Scratch and how to put some of the blocs to use. I had time to go back and make re-edits.

These were the outside resources that I used to make my storyboards, these pictures were creative commons pictures that were provided by deviantart and ncookie.

Embed code for my project:


That is hilarious!

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That is hilarious!

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This is a very interesting game when you need something to laugh i enjoy it

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