Sep 14, 2009

First Name: 


my name I zekiiyah and I luuuuv to sing and act. I also enjoy dramatic things. i like thing with comedy in them too.


one thing about my past is hmm well I can say that I used to go to the public school P.S.76 in queens.  also when i was  baby my mom aid that i did not cry a lot. She said that i was a good baby. Only one thing that i did was when i was little and i believe this is what my mom told me that there was one christmas in particular when got a walker and i happened to be coming to be coming down the little hallway that we had were i used to live and my mom and they would all just move out the way. Another thing that i would do is that when my mom would be in the other room i would first take a piece of food thinking that she would not give it to me. so after taking a piece i would go in the room and ask her could i have a piece of whatever i wanted and she wold say yes. i was a soiled baby. i am an only child.


One thing about me now is that i am loud. i am very very loud person.  i used  to be so quiet but when i get around people that i know really well i ca just talk and talk and talk. Some thing that i like to do with my time are sing, act watch television use the computer and sometime just browse. one thing that i wish i could do is speak another language. in my school you take spanish i think but not n the grade that i am in now. i will be so happy when i could speak spanish, because do you know what i hate. im'a tell you. I do not like when people are talking in english and if they have something to say and it is personal they will just start talking in spanish or some other lanugage.  one more thing is that i have a whole bunch of friends. All of my friends say that i am a very nice person and that i am always so generous and that I am the nicest person that anybody could ever meet. Sometime i can be kind of mean and it is nt that i am mean is that i am hungary or tired. then when i say that i could be mean is that when i am tired and hungary and sometime even bored but espically when i am hungary i can get very quiet. I remember that there was one time that I hadn't  eaten. i didn't et that night because i didn't have nothing that i liked.


 when i get older i plan to travel to different places out of the united states like spain. alot of tropical places thai would like to visit would be that bahamas,