Sep 14, 2009

First Name: 


Arshia it is! i like being on the com. and like to hang around w/ the friends! I like learning and exploring differ- things! And, I'm really hipper and cool to be with =)

 Hello! This is Arshia! I attend The Young Women's Leadership School of Astoria, in 7th grade. I love this school because you have many high expectations in this school and you can succeed in anything you want too! There is so much love in this school! I think I did come to the right placeI have many things that happened in the past and I have many expectations of whats going to happen in the future And I have a dream about what I'm going to be when I grow up. In the past I remember I got yelled at a lot because sometimes I didn't do my homework, or I will always play and do nothing! And my mom would always not buy my a cell (even now)! But, well I think that's how all mothers are. =) All these years I enjoyed my life with so many exciting things and a lot of funny moments! And I had many trustworthy friends that I would always count on and tell them everything! Well my parents come from India, and they immigrated from there. And I'm proud to be Punjabi! xD I was born here in the Bronx with a sister and a brother. Well my brother is younger then me and my sister is too! I went to a school in Queens which was called The Henry Gradstien School ( kindergarten, first grade, second grade, fourth grade, and fifth! all these years I had soooo much fun! Me and my friends would always do pranks but don't worry we all studied too! I remember one time when I was in the Second grade my teacher was giving out the grades of our Ela test and boy oh boy I was nervous what grade I would get and all. So, then I thought to myself that Arshia, if i don't get a good grade then my parents will put the whole house upside down on me! lol.  But, then I got an 60% and I was shocked my whole face came red and I didn't even know what to do! So, then i changed the grade into 100% and I was like that's better (but i was small)! So, then there was this kid who sat next to me and he told the teacher on me so then the teacher called my mom! Boy oh boy you wouldn't even know how my heart started pumping reaaaallllyy hard and fast! So, then i thought to myself that now I'm dead! When I came home my mom started saying what is this? She yelled at me and I had to hold my ears and sat Sorry to my dad! :/ Huuughhh, when I remember these times I was like how stupid was I, and I start laughing! xD


There are many high expectations I have for the future! I would first like to leave this school and go to some specialized high school in 9th grade. And, that I would past the Specialized High School Test. I pray and pray that very moment I do my best! If i do past the test then I would want GREAT teachers and GREAT friends! I would want some nice, funny, cool, hipper, and trustworthy friends! I would want friends where I can be myself! I know that there is sooooo much homework and so much classwork to do! But, I think that's the only way to succeed! And I would want to be a surgeon or any type of doctor! But, my sister says it's really hard to be an surgeon you have to read fat books in one day and write like 150 page essay on it! But, I don't care in order to be a surgeon I'll do anything! I wonder of anything goes wrong in my future! I would like to raise a lot of money for my kids and everyone! I would like to be an helpful person! =) I wish this all happens! I would like to prove it to me and others!
Like I said when I grow up I want to be a surgeon or any certain doctor! In doing this I will go to a good college! Succeed in every subject! I would also do as my sister says! And first try my best into getting a good high school! I want to help many patients and see what's wrong with them! And that's why I watch many TV shows that include science or surgeries! For example I watch Dr.P medical examiner. And muchh more! Well I hoped you enjoyed reading this! But that's my goals and that's Arshia! xD