Sep 14, 2009

First Name: 


my name is rania and my school is the young womens leadership school of astoria. One of my t favorite things to do is ACT.i

  Hi my name is Rania harris. i was born in America but raised in Morocco.I am half Egyptian half Moroccan and a little peace American. I am 12 years old. I have a stepfather, a mother and a brother and sister. My favorite colors is blue and purple because they make a great match. My step brother is 5 years old and my sister is 4. I love to act and write and read. The school that i go to is called the young women's leadership school of Astoria. It is an all girl school.My favorite subject are drama,and. For high school i am planning to go to lagurdia high school. my  birthday is on december 23,1997. i love to watch movies when i am bored. i also love to play sports. my favorite place to go is egypt , california and albany. my nick name is smiley. my social studies teacher gave me that nickname because i smile alot.

    In the future i hope to become a traveling docter or an actress. If i were to get married than i would get married to someone rich. i would  move to florida and live in a big manison. i would be famous and meet celebrities. i would also have my own t.v show.
    When i was just 6 years old i moved to new york. i was daddy's new little girl. In 2005 i got my first baby brother. then in 2006 i got my new baby sister. i love them dearly but sometimes they make me RIP MY HAIR OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    


so bye bye now get off my page