Sep 14, 2009

First Name: 


I Love Monkeys!!!!!!!!!!


     I was born in Belvue Hospital in Manhattan. I was raised in Jackson Heights, Queens. I have been living in the same house for the past 11 years. I could name most parts of my  house and my block but still have more to discover. I absolutely love the town in which I'm living in now and cannot imagine myself living anywhere else but in my home> The thought of it has always scared me!!!!!!!!!

The first thing anyone should know about me is that I'm a shopaholic! I am also very creative so whenever someone gives me something to wear I can change it to my own likings and although I'm in the 7th grade I still like dressing people up and doing their hair and make up! I 'm really good at things like that. I guess i can call myself unique because I am I'm extremely weird and extremely nice at the same time and reqally really really hyper! I love siniging and my favorite singer is Taylor Swift. I also like Selena Gomez, Demi Lavato, Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana(her songs only I like their rythm),Miranda Cosgorve and well, you get the point! i also like playing musicaL instruments or at least I try too! i also am a HUGE Twilight fan!!!!!!!!! Team Jasper and Alice all the way!!!!!!!!! I have the great friends Malavika, Michelle, and Jennifer. There's also a bunch of other people but these are the people I know I can count on no matter what! :) i love monkeys! LOL!

    In the future, I wish to become a singer or actor. I want to go to college for 2 years to become a singer and then to go back and take fashion designerr classes! I know its going to be hard doing both butthere 2 things i love to do!


10 questions about myself-


  1. Why are my favorite colors Yellow and Black? (colors, favorites, personality, preference, choice)
  2. Why can't I decide what I want to be when I grow up? (doubt, come to agreement, selection, future, confusion)
  3. Will I ever be discovered as a singer/ actress? (confidence, future, hope, questioning, perseverance)
  4. Why am I obsessed with Twilight? (questioning, attraction, likes/dislikes, fantasy, obsession)
  5. Am I too nice? Or do I know when to say no? (personality, emotions, thoughtfulness, violence, standing up)
  6. Am i really a good singer/ actress? (doubt, questioning, debating, self- esteem, belief in self)
  7. Am I self-centered? (self- consciousness, ego, self-esteem, know it all, questioning)
  8. Do I talk way too much? (self- consciousness, ego, self-esteem, self-control)
  9. Am I sensitive?(feelings,self- consciousness, ego, self-esteem)
  10. Why do I care about what people say about me? (self- consciousness, belief in self, ego, self-esteem, feelings)
10 questions I have about the world-
  1. Why did Global Warming start?( Pollution,observance, questioning, world issues)
  2. Why does racism exist? (hatred, observance,humanity, world issues)
  3. Why does hatred exist?(problems, conflicts, no resolutions, violence, fights)
  4. Why can't everyone in the world be happy? (poverty, traumatized, loss of family member, sadness, fear)
  5. Why can't everyone be nice? ( kind heart, consciousness, )
  6. Why does jealousy exist? (self-esteem, ego, feelings, self-consciousness)
  7. How come some people are shy and others are not?(self-esteem, ego, feelings, self-consciousness)
  8. Why do people classify people by what they have instead of what they are? (class, money, friendships)
  9. Why do friendships break?(friendships, hearts, happiness)
  10. How come everyone is not perfect?(perfection, Utopian world)