Sep 17, 2009

i'm 11 years old.i'm from colombia.i have lived here 2 Favorite colors are blue and red.i have 2 brothers and one sister.

My name is Geraldine and I'm from Colombia.I'm am 11 years oldWhen i was in Colombia i played alot with my cousins and we treated each other nice,but me and one of my cousins fighted alot and at that time i didn;t apologize  she apologized.In my sisters wedding i was the flower girl and i felt really nervous and the wedding was really long and i got bored.I was eight then andNow i really know how thw world  is because when I was eight I thought everyone was nice and everything was nice and that life was nice but when i got here i then realize it was not really true.That there was really bad people that hurt other peolpe anddid horrible things.ike reading,writing,and TV. i was really innocent.

Life has teach me to appreciate what i have and had in life.That you can't give up when things are getting harder.Life can give you things,but it could too take away.I'm really proud from to be colombian 'cause for me Colombia is a wonderful place,and i would never trade where I come from.That sometimes the life that you had was the best one you could ever has gotten.

Some of my goals are to be a better studant,be an actres,and a singer because i want to  be recognoze and be a doctor because I like helping people and  I like working with little kids.