Sep 16, 2009

I am  a person with many hopes and dreams.

Hello there ! My name is Ammy, it's very nice to meet you !

Let's begin by me telling you what my favorite hobbies are. Just like any other teenage girl, I love to go shopping and hanging out with my friends. I enjoy reading magazines, eating food, sleeping and reading books. I'm definitely a people person because I love to talk. I get very excited everytime I meet someone new. Whenever I'm hyper, I would constantly talk until your ears bleed ! hahaha, now I wouldn't want that to happen.

Now don't let that simple paragraph persuade you to think I'm a girly girl because I have my boyish sides too. I love playing games, particularly shooting games. I find games exhilerating and fun! Other than that, I also love to play sports. Although I have asthma, I try to not let it get in the way. One of my favorite sports is baseball! Funny how I hate watching it though.