Sep 17, 2009

First Name: 


my name is khadija. Im in 6th grade at tywls and its fun. My favorite color is purple.

 My name is Khadija. I have 2 sis and 1 bro . I love eating junk food and chinese i get yelled at home cause i don't eat. My best friend is kiara she is true and fuuny . My favorite holiday is edd. My favorite subject is math and opps i forgot imm from pakistan and i go to school at tywls. I love school ( sometimes) lol. i hate reading sorry for people that like reading. I also hate science its a boring dum subject for me its my opinion. I love my parents they are the best in the whole world and its is  true for  me. my favorite color is purple and my favorite sport is tennis and volleyball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.my favorite snacck is nutelle a huzellnut  cream it is delicios yah so lets see i think i told u im from tywls of astoria i want to attend french afterschool and drama (step up drama) that is u have to write your own play and act it out!!! and also want to go to math counts damn it is compittitive this how it goes you are going to have a buzzer in front of u andask questions aand if uu iknow the answer you are going to press the buzzer and answer it, is it freally cool and ssoorry for the wrong spelling .yah so i love u all who read this so yah bye .


                                                                                            Senserly: khadija zulfiqar!