Sep 17, 2009

My name is Emily. I love every color! I have a brother named Bryan who is 15 years old .My parents are from the Philippines.

My name is Emily. I have a brother named Bryan who is 15 years old. I love all the colors. My parents are from the Philippines. My hopbbies are drawing, writing, reading, playing the piano, shopping and lot's more. I love watching anime shows like Shugo Chara, Vampire Knight,Lucky Star, Keroro Gunso, Cardcaptor Sakura, Tsubasa Chronicles and way more.

When I was young I used to be all energetic and ecstatic all the time. My family used to go out a lot to many places that were mostly in Manhattan. My favorite place that we went to was Rockefeller Center when my two cousins, Ernalyn and Raquel came here to visit us from California. We went there every Chirstmas to see the big Christmas Tree filled with ornaments of all the colors and the big star up on the very top. I had so much fun when they were here. When they came here again in August for Ernalyn's birthday, we went to Chinatown to go to a restaurant. We bought lot's of souvenirs. My favorite one was this pink parasol. Whenever I look at it, it reminds me of when they visited with some of my other relatives. I enjoyed having them stay here even though it was only a week. I have a lot of memories from my past but it would take a long time to type them all in here so I will just give you these ones here.

I enjoy my time here. I appreciate my family, friends, teachers and everyone for helping me along the way. Right now, I attend The Young Womens Leadership School of Astoria. I love it here in this school! I get to hang out with my friends, learn new stuff and enjoy my time! I really love my life and the life I'm living right now. So, there isn't much to say but that I am really glad to be here right now.

When I grow up, I want to be a doctor, nurse, artist, librarian and author. I havn't made an official choice yet. I love these jobs and I know people in my family and relatives that have friends that have these jobs. Though some of these jobs are more difficult than others like doctor which is really hard rather than being an author. My older brother's teacher once said "Be who you want to be. When you deal with realtiy and it finally hits you, you realize your not actually happy with your job or how you make money. Do something that would make you happy. I have 2 jobs and I earned about $103,000 last year. Ya that sounds good to some people in the industry, oh they think its so cool they think i'm happy and i'm rich. Am I happy? No. I'm stressed over two jobs because I gave up my social life and my personal life. The only time I actually have a real conversation with my family is only the holidays. I sacrificed night and day to work both. Yah I make good money, but it stresses me out. I was a slave to money. It consumed me. Plan early because time goes so fast. Because later in life, you need to find a job to pay your bills, your mortgage, phone bills, electric bills, taxes and all that stuff. When that stage hits you later in life, you realize what your parents go through. Your parents probably didn't like the job they were doing. But they did it to support them and you." That is what my older brothers teacher said. There are obstacles that stand in my way of achieving my goals. There are obstacles that stand in your way too. But, we all have to pass it, like there is nothing there in front of you. Follow your dreams and I'll follow mine as well!

Thank you for reading my biography!

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