Sep 17, 2009
What I'm good at
Favorite authors

My name is Esme, and I love to draw. My favorite color is white. I love animals!

Hi, My name is Esme, I live in New York, and I go to The Young Womans Leadership School of Astoria. They call my school tywls for short. My favorite subject is drama, because we do many fun things, like play games. I also like gym, even though I 'm not very athletic.  I also love to do is draw and doodle whenever I can. When I grow up I want to be an artist (drawing). I like to draw mostly animals, and cute small doodles. This past year I attended the Joan Mitchell program and their summer camp where I drew, painted, and had lots of fun! I am also an animal lover, especially dogs. One of my neighbors had a lovely Pomeranian (AKA-Fluffy cute lovable ball of fur :p) but she died suddenly last year... I really want a dog (specifically a pomeranian...)  but I don t  have one... T.T

I hope to share more with you on!