Sep 17, 2009

First Name: 


My name is Zenab.My favorite color is red.My favorite subject at school is gym and drama.To entertain myself,I love to play on my laptop,read,and make bracelets :-)

Hello.My name is Zenab.i like to play basketball :-)  my tryout for the basketball team at school is next week so wish me luck ;-) .anyhoo i also like to read (not that i'm  really good at ela,amy gave me one not yet:-) My favorite series is the harry potter series.I used to hate it,but after reading it,i began to love it!!

I also love to play on my laptop!The internet is awesome like seriously who ever doesnt like it should actually try it sometimes (i mean like everyday!!!)I go on club penguin,youtube,toontown,and dont play 


favorite color is red.i also love to make bracelets with my bead collection.