Sep 21, 2009

First Name: 













Who I am ?


You can see the sky and the earth, but my name is what they made off. My name came from a special place do I really love and care. My name is Binetou Fall.

The word Binetou came from my grand-ma, but it really came from the Arabic people, name after the daughter of the prophet Mohamed, do mean daughter. Her name was Fatimata Binetou.



My last Fall is really special it came from the Cayor at Senegal. The Cayor was a Empire who was free from the Djolof. The Fall’s make a defense army and attack the King of Djolof. And they won the war and they get Independent forever. That’s where the surname came from.

My home is a special place, do people call home, but for me is place do I keep my childhood pictures my heart. When you just step in, you see the couch do my grand-ma told me stories about her. When you turn you see the window open the fresh air blow you see the red and pink roses blooming to the light of the sun.

My room is the best place I want to be. You see how is black and white. I always concentrate at the middle of the room and thing about the past and the future.

There someone really special in my life. She is my best friend. My mom is a single mom of four children. She always look for our future. She love to tells us stories about her having our ages, what they do to school. She love to have fun with us. Since I am a culture girl. I love to now about people they language there culture what the they believe. At summer time my mom want to take me to other countries.

My childhood is something I can not forget. I always spend my days to school or babysitter. On Tuesday and Wednesday that was my father days off, he always bring us to the store or the fried chicken restaurant.

When I was five, I was bringing to Senegal it was pretty excited for me, but Sad for people who know me. I remember one my teacher was begging to my mom do not bring me. I was a good student. Teachers love me they always try to help to get at my goal.

I always think why they give me that name, sometimes it get into me. I always think why people does not care about there home they just think it as a place do keep them as a shelter somewhere they keep they safe. My mom make me believe how those thing are important, your home , school, people your own self. I always thank my teacher who really help me to achieve my goal. I will never forget them Like Mrs. Hehir, Mr. Jacque and many others.