Sep 21, 2009

First Name: 


The one word that would describe me best would probably means I don't know what to say. Thank you Mary Poppins!!! Im kidding. I honestly don't know what to call myself. My friends would probably say violent, but they're only joking. If I could travel anywhere it would be a tie for, France, Japan or Australia. My number one dream for the future is to be a famous author that writes make believe stories. Stuff that you would probably only find in Anime.....which happens to be my inspiration. My most prized possession is my suitcase of stories i wrote in the past. A lot of them were never finished. Shoot, none of them are finished. That is my problem, I can never finish a book. I always get a new idea and start writing another story based on that, and again and again and again it happens. I don't have a favorite movie, or CD, THERE ARE JUST TOO MANY. My greatest accomplishment in life would be the first time I learned to sing in Japanese. My mom was so proud. I have never really done anything really big in my life. Or if I did, I probably cant remember. My family would consider me all different things. My mom would say I'm silly.....too silly, my older brother would say I'm the fastest pancake eating champion, and my younger sister would probably say I'm a computer addict that's lazy and wont listen to her. My greatest fear is dying. I don't know how the afterlife will be, if there is one. I don't know what would happen or where I would go. I always believed in god and heaven and hell, but in truth I don't know if they exist or not. Either way I still believe in god. Because every time I prayed to god for help or for anything really, he always delivered his services.  Like if I don't study on a test, and I pray to god the night before, and I pray again when I wake up, I end up doing pretty well, nothing below an 80, and that is fine with me. During my free time I hang around the park across the street from my school and hang out with friends. Or I'm stuck inside the house editing my friends stories or writing my own, just reading them or reading a regular book without use of the computer. I also enjoy drawing clothes in my free time. I design clothes for my friends to put on their characters since they run out of ideas quick. And last but not least if I could change one thing in this world it would be the cutting down of trees. I'm no tree hugger, but I know we need those. Trees help bring oxygen into this world and without oxygen, we die. Even though that is only one of the many things I would like to change, that is #1 on my list.
 And thats about it, dont like it? Tough nuggies.