Interesting Research on Travis Rice and John Jackson

Mar 24, 2011

While doing my research on John Jackson and Travis Rice I found out quite a few interesting facts on both of these guys. For instance, John Jackson scoring "Rider of the Year" for a second year in a row, and Travis Rice’s professional life starting at the age of 18.

Travis Rice scored a record breaking Switch 540 over Chad’s gap her in Utah. He has won Rider of the Year two years ago, Video Part of the Year, Reader’s Choice Award, and Standout of the Year. Making films like That’s It That’s All, and the Art of Flight.

John Jackson recently won Rider of the Year for his second year in a row. Landing video parts in “F``K! IT! in places such as Alaska and New Zealand.

Both of these guys have won countless awards, Competing everywhere from China to the back country of Utah’s mountains.

The most interesting thing I’d have to say are how many places they travel to to snowboard, and all the awards they’ve won.