Web-based Free Image Editors

May 23, 2010

What does each of these free web-based image editors do well or not well? Describe what you discover below.




 -no registration, just upload and image, edit then click save to the web, site asks for email address and sends a link to the image url -- Ms. Ettenheim

-I did not like this editing website, you can not do much on it. You are not able to work with 2 different images and layers, you can only crop, rotate, resize, blur, write on your image using text and paint, brighten or darken and put different effects. Also the selections are very broad, you are not able to select more detailed things in our image. - Adeline Jadot

Dr.Pic is terribe. It has almost no correctional effects and the few it does have are not adjustable and give horrible results. I would rather pay for Photoshop than use this free tool. I don't know why anybody would use this editor; it's just terrible. If you have not visited this site yet, I would give it a miss.

-Maeve K

Drpic is a website where you are very limited. It doesn't have many effects or icons to choose from. There are only 15 icons to choose from, compared to photoshop and Picnik they have about 100 different icons you can use to fix your picture and edit it, but this one really isn't that helpful at all, you cant do much I wouldn't recommend using this site - Mirjeta Shala





Dumpr is extremely limited, when it comes to editing pictures, in a professional way that might resemble how photoshop works.  When using Dumpr, one is confined to choosing from only 21 different effects; tile image, puzzle, etc.  It doesn't allow one to edit pictures by adjusting brightness, or layers, and whatnot.  Dumpr doesn't resemble the way Photoshop works.  It doesn't really help make one's picture better, using different technical techniques.  Anna C.











-Has very many features, includes layers, curves, cutouts, and many more. You can register for the site as well. You can save your photo that you edited to FotoFlexer, Photobucket, Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Smugmug, or Myspace. The only problem is the website becomes crowded sometimes, and will start to layer the icons on top of each other if you press too many links at once. -Leah Tashman

I really enjoyed working with this editor. What I was looking for was a website that would be able to ahve a good black and white converter tool. What I liked about FotoFLexer was that it easily converted my picture but it aslo gave me options. One of the options I found thatg was not present in Photoshop was the ability to keep some of the color in your picture but have it fade out into black and whit. That way I could still keep the color tint in my black and white photo. -Aisha N.











 I liked this online editor very much. It had many features that Photoshop doesn't provide such as blending two images. I liked all of the cool effects that this site offered. I was specifically looking for a black and white tool and how well that worked. I liked the way my picture came out when I converted it to black and white, however I couldn't add a tint color to the pciture. That is something I would have liked to have seen but overall it was a really good site. - Aisha N.

 Lunapic is a really good online editor. It has very cool and unlikely affects you can add to your pictures. For example, you can edit in lightning to your pictures. You can also add in animations. The bad thing about this site is sometimes the affects are too intense to look realistic. - Leah T








Phoenix (part of Aviary) (for ERHS students, navigate to it through erhsnyc.net

Phoenix- This site is really, really good. I like the way it's set up, even though some of the names of things are different from photoshop (i.e. Instead of black and white, it's desaturate). But there are a lot of fun, different ways you can edit your photo with this, I'm definitely going to use this for my screencast.- Kisa




Photoshop Online

 The test drive gave me a good example of what Photoshop Online is like. The site was easy to use. They gave me an photo to work with and then similar options to the application, Photoshop. I liked how this site showed what the photo would look like after the adjustments. - bend.





I think picnik is pretty good the only thing you can not do I work with layers, but honestly you are able to do so much things. On this site you are able to edit seriously and in a fun way as well.

Here is one of my pictures that iI edited using picnik!-adeline

 Picnik is a useful and creative website in order to edit one's picture.  This site looks professional and fun, and actually allows one to edit brightness and colors of the photograph.  Picnik has many different tools, and would be a great alternative if Photoshop wasn't available to one's use.  The registration form is free.  I wouldn't recommend using Picnik if working with layers was needed. -Anna C.











 I've only checked out Splashup and Pixlr, and what I noticed immediately was that Pixlr uses keyboard shortcuts which are necessary for altering pictures quickly and easily. -ThomasD













Sumo Paint

 Sumo Paint is very good at editing and making selections.  I found the magic wand tool useful and easier to use than the  Photoshop version.  The adjustments you can make to selections are almost identical to Photoshop. Overall very similar to Photoshop.   --Danielle Raskin 

 - Sumo Paint is really good for painting.  Even more than photoshop I think.  But whenever I try uploading a picture, it says the file is unreadable or empty, when I can open the same picture in Photoshop.  So really good stuff but has some bugs. -Jake Starr







 I was experimenting with

MaeveK's picture
Submitted by MaeveK on Mon, 2010-05-24 14:18.

 I was experimenting with Picnik today in class. Comparing it to Photoshop, I find it is very different. Picnik is user friendly in the way that it does not use technical terms and everything is clearly labeled as to what it does. Photoshop uses symbols that are somtimes hard to navigate. Picnik was a little hard to use the first time and if you wanted to do series photoshoping, I would not reccommend it. It does not do precisce corrections and does not produce very good results. I think it would be a good, free online program to use if you were making additions to photos of friends but not for serious pieces of photography.

-Maeve K

I really liked this website,

Submitted by JasmineS on Mon, 2010-05-24 14:17.

I really liked this website, it was really similar to Photoshop. It had a lot of the same tools, including the crop tool, the eliptical tool and the polygonal lasso tool. I also liked it because it allowed me to jump right in and start editing without having to register first. --JasmineS

Dumpr : I was just using

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Submitted by DinaP on Mon, 2010-05-24 14:16.

Dumpr :

I was just using this website and even though it is not really similar to Photoshop, because you don't really fix your photo's on this website, it is more of changing the idea of the photo, taking it from color to a pencil drawing. It is actually really fun! You can upload a photo and it will become a photo of the photo, like a celebrity paparrazi shot. It is really interesting and entertaining but I don't think you can do such things as crop and burn/dodge on this website. But I still recommend it!

-Dina P


I really enjoyed using

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Submitted by CaleyW on Mon, 2010-05-24 14:15.

I really enjoyed using Picnik because it made everything easy.  With Photoshop you do not really know what you are working with because everything is so complex but with Picnik I was able to start editing my photo and soon after I had a finished product.  Picnik made it easy to edit my photo and experiment as in Photoshop it is harder.   The whole year while we used Photoshop I really liked to lighten and darken my photo using curves and other things and in Picnik I was easily able to do it.  If you had never learned how to use Photoshop you would not know how to and with Picnik you easily could.  

Caley W.

 I do not like Kizoa. It

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Submitted by NedaM on Mon, 2010-05-24 14:15.

 I do not like Kizoa. It is not useful and you need to get an account (even though it is free) in order to use the image editor. Other image editors are easier and let you use them without getting an account with the website. I thought this wasn't helpful at all and doesn't really appeal to people to use this.


 Dr. Pic I found this

Submitted by MollieWi on Mon, 2010-05-24 14:13.

 Dr. Pic I found this website to be worse than Photoshop. It had similar tools such as the crop tool, sharpening tool, the auto brightness and darkness tool, and more. However, I found that photoshop had a much greater selection of tools to work with. For example, on Photoshop you are able to use curves, levels, burning, dodging, etc. For me personally, I liked Photoshop better. Mollie W.


LunaPic:I wanted to try and

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Submitted by CocoF on Mon, 2010-05-24 14:11.


I wanted to try and see if I could lighten and darken an image. This program allows you to, not to the same extent as Photoshop but it gets the job done. You just move a slider at the top of the screen to make it brighter or darker. But you can also do a whole lot more on this program. You can even do some things that I'm pretty sure you can't do on Photoshop. In Photoshop there are tools you can use to get rid of certain features in a photo, like ways to smooth skin or get rid of blemishes. But this program has seperate tabs specifically for that sort of thing, where you just have to click on the area to get rid of it. In addition, it of course also does the normal Photoshop features such as lightening and darkening an image, though not as elaborate, which is what I was originally trying to do. 



 I really like this image

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Submitted by NedaM on Mon, 2010-05-24 14:09.

 I really like this image editor for simple things that you want to edit. For example, on Photoshop, you can do complex things such as Burning and Dodging and the Magic Wand tool.  But on Picnik, you can't do complex things like that but you can make simple edits. You can crop, resize, and change the color effects. You can add creative effects but you can't do the same things that Photoshop contains. Picnik is good for a quick simple edit to a photo such as lighting and cropping. -Neda Moini

 I looked at the online

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Submitted by FannyC on Mon, 2010-05-24 14:09.

 I looked at the online image editor FotoFlexer. I liked it because it was very easy to navigate and had a variety of different tools. I looked for the burning and dodging tool on this site but it did not have it. Instead I used the curves too, but it could only affect one layer at a time while on photoshop you can use it on multiple or all layers at a time.

 I really liked FotoFlexer.

AlexandriaT's picture
Submitted by AlexandriaT on Mon, 2010-05-24 14:07.

 I really liked FotoFlexer. With my picture, I wanted to add more character to it and at the same time use some of the Photoshop tools that I was used to. I think it works really well with what you want in terms of Photoshop work and they have some really fun and cool affects too. Great website!!!!!

-Alexandria T.

I used flauntR as my online

Submitted by AlexandraB on Mon, 2010-05-24 14:06.

I used flauntR as my online editing website, and thought that overall it was compatible wasn't anything special. flauntR.com allows you to upload photos from facebook.com myspace.com flickr.com and many other websites, and allows you to see your seperate albums or photos to choose from. I used flauntR to test out it's ability for the brightness tool, and thought that it did a good but not amazing job. For someone who is new to photo editing flauntR is great, but for someone who wants more of a challenge flauntR is not the best choice.

-Lexi Berger


 Pixlr works almost exactly

ClaudiaF's picture
Submitted by ClaudiaF on Mon, 2010-05-24 14:00.

 Pixlr works almost exactly like photoshop.  It's really helpful to do a variety of different things to change your photo.  Specifically, I found the sponge tool very helpful in making my photo brighter and more unique.

   I was looking for a

Submitted by HaleyR on Mon, 2010-05-24 13:59.

   I was looking for a website that would help me lighten an image or dodge an image. I tried out Picnik.com and it had many tools to make my image a lot brighter. There were also many other tools like cropping and resizing that were very helpful. I would use this website again for these specific tools.

- Haley

 I looked at

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Submitted by KelseaW on Mon, 2010-05-24 13:56.

 I looked at www.picnik.com. I didn't really like picnik because a lot of the editing you have to be a member to get.  You can crop and turn to black and white and things like that. One thing that you cannot do on picnik if you are not a member is the program curves. If you want to only do minimal editing to a photo picnik is a good choice because it is easy to get around.

Drpic: I didn't like this

AishaN's picture
Submitted by AishaN on Mon, 2010-05-24 13:55.


I didn't like this edititing website very much. It didn't have previews so you have to estimate how your picture would come uot. Although it was simple and easy to use it didn't have nearly as many features Photoshop had.

-Aisha N.

Dr. Pic: I didn't really

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Submitted by CocoF on Mon, 2010-05-24 13:52.

Dr. Pic:

I didn't really like this editor. I thought it was sort of slow and it was annoying to select things. The controls were weird and hard to figure out. For example when you wanted to paint on the picture I often made lines I didn't want to because the controls were sluggish and I moved my mouse across the screen, automatically painting on the picture (it automatically draws when you move your mouse, you don't even have to click a button). It had a good amount of features but I didn't try them all out because I got annoyed with the interface.


SplashUp is similar to

DardaneS's picture
Submitted by DardaneS on Mon, 2010-05-24 11:01.

SplashUp is similar to Photoshop, except it doesn't have a lot of tools to experiment with other techniques. If you aren't one of those people  who don't really understand Photoshop and can't choose between all those tools, then you should use this website. It's easy to use!


DrPic- This website is not

Submitted by kisas on Mon, 2010-05-24 10:56.

DrPic- This website is not good for anything besides cropping. If you want to make something black and white, it's possible, but you can't adjust the tones of levels, which I find important to my work. (No for me)

Dumpr- This is an image editing site that you'd use to make silly cheap effects on your photographs for fun. It's similar to effects in photoshop (gaussian blur, etc) but it's not good for basic things like cropping or black and white/ levels. (No for me)

flauntR- This requires a registration, which I don't have the patience to go through. (No for me)

FotoFlexer- I like this software, it has the tools that I find valuable in Photoshop such as levels or curves. It's set up simply and I don't have to register, which makes me happy. (Maybe for me)

Kizoa- This is meant more for slideshows than photo editing. (No for me)

Lunapic- This is again a site meant for silly effects such as animations or black and white photos with colored eyes. There were no levels or curves or anyway to isolate specific parts of an image to create a contrast. (No for me)

Phixr- When I first saw this site, I didn't have high expectations. But when I acutally tried it, it had a lot of features I didn't expect. I could make my photo black and white and then change the levels after. (Maybe for me)

I liked the fotoflexer site,

ArielC's picture
Submitted by ArielC on Wed, 2010-05-26 10:51.

I liked the fotoflexer site, as it offers a lot of opptions for what to do to your picture (everything from the basic rotation to fun add on sticker objects) and also seems to do these pretty well. It seems like a good site to use if you wanted to make a birthday card or something like that. I also think that the editing options work well.

pixlr.com is a great option

Submitted by andrewr on Mon, 2010-05-24 10:55.

pixlr.com is a great option for online photo editing.  The first positive feature is the easy uploading and non-membership.   Uploading takes seconds and saving is also easy.  This website offers many great editing features ranging from brightness/contrast to levels. -Andrew Roth

Dr. Pic does not have a lot

AnnieS's picture
Submitted by AnnieS on Mon, 2010-05-24 10:46.

Dr. Pic does not have a lot of options and you are very limited with brightness and making the picture black and white. I like how you can add different frames. 


 http://www.dumpr.net/  Dum

Submitted by FrankieB on Mon, 2010-05-24 10:45.


Dumpr seems to be a more specialized web editor. I think that it would be useful if you had a specific project in mind and less useful for simple photo fixes. If you need to crop, brighten, or colour your photo then you would be better off using picnik. If you want to create a mouse pad, or christmas ornament... out of a photo then Dumpr would be a good editor to use.


 For Dr. Pic you were

Submitted by AdrianM on Mon, 2010-05-24 10:42.

 For Dr. Pic you were limited to what you were able to work with. I decided to try it out with a random picture. I played around with the brightness and believe it or not, it took such a long time. Once I finished, it didn't even want to load. I'm probably going to ignore this website. 

DrPic.com Review:   I feel

shanek's picture
Submitted by shanek on Mon, 2010-05-24 09:10.

DrPic.com Review: 

 I feel this online application to edit photos is useful in specific ways. I did not find the brush use to be fully effective or easy to handle, but this application made it very easy to edit brightness and contrast. It also makes amazing borders with little effort. The program's speed is moderate, not as fast as you would want it to be, but for a small edit, it's good for that purpose.

Photoshop Online The test

bend's picture
Submitted by bend on Mon, 2010-05-24 09:10.

Photoshop Online

The test drive gave me a good example of what Photoshop Online is like. The site was easy to use. They gave me an photo to work with and then similar options to the application, Photoshop. I liked how this site showed what the photo would look like after the adjustments.

 DrPic.com I did not like

Submitted by adelinej on Mon, 2010-05-24 09:10.


I did not like this editing website, you can not do much on it. You are not able to work with 2 different images and layers, you can only crop, rotate, resize, blur, write on your image using text and paint, brighten or darken and put different effects. Also the selections are very broad, you are not able to select more detailed things in our image. - Adeline Jadot

For Dr. Pic - -no

susanettenheim's picture
Submitted by susanettenheim on Mon, 2010-05-24 09:05.

For Dr. Pic - -no registration, just upload and image, edit then click save to the web, site asks for email address and sends a link to the image url