Bio 20428

Apr 28, 2011

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My name is Hannah. I go to the Baccalaureate School for Global Education. My favorite animals are horses. I ride horses at a stable near my home. My favorite horses' name is Ruby. She is a sweet girl, and listens to my every command. We have a connection, which is important for a horse and rider. I also love to dance. I take ballet, jazz, and street jazz. I took pointe, but I had to stop because I needed to have more time to study. I have been dancing since I was two in the baby classes. Now I am a very good dancer because I work hard, and in return I can complete hard moves. When I accomplish a new move, it makes me feel so happy. Dance is a good "sport" because you have fun while you work. I think that if you like something and you work hard at it, you should have fun along the way. My motto is: "If you work hard at something you love, it will have a greater impact on your life later on."