Apr 28, 2011

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My name is Michelle Li. I play the piano and also take lessons in art. On saturdays, I usually have test prep. I have an annying bratty sister called Sabrina, but I do love her. I have always had a pressuring life with my Asian parents  because they want me to be able achieve something and have a good job whe I grow up. I really appreciate their support in extracurricular activities, but I really just want to focus on my studies right now. I have never tried telling them that because I don't want to waste all the money they spent on me. I think that I do have a pretty good life. I definetly have too much homework and really want BSGE to lighten the load a bit. It is really overwhelming. I really care about my grades, that's for sure. My piano playing is pretty good and I have been playing for 9 years and started when I was 4. I am almost done with all the Royal piano tests and I am finished with NYSMA or is it NYSSMA?? Test.