10 Self / 10 World Questions: A guide for getting started in research

Apr 30, 2011
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Will you: 

Write 10 self and 10 world questions (+ keywords) to find your own area of inquiry, your own niche of expertise and excitement.

We mean it! This is what research is really about, so keep it real. Starting with 10 self and 10 world questions is a great way to begin.

Let's get started!

1. Write 10 questions that you have about self and 10 questions that you have about the world.

2. In parenthesis, type at least five keywords after each question. (See examples below.)

3. Next, pick one question and write about it as though you are the expert. Make this your second entry on your Journal document in Google Docs. (The first journal entry is your 10 Self / 10 World Questions.) Write about why it is of interest to you and all that you already know about it. Write about what you would like to know about it that you don't already know.

4. Follow up with a focused sentence and more freewriting. (See the mission: Freewriting, focused sentences, and generative themes: Finding your niche.)

5. When you are done, remember to refresh the Table of Contents on your Journal Document.

6. Next, search on Youth Voices for Discussions that relate to the same topic. Comment to those writers who are writing, recording posts, and uploading images and videos about topics that are also of interest to you.

7. You might also want to use the Getting Started with Youth Voices mission to guide you in how to publish and participate in interesting conversations and make new friends on Youth Voices in 90 minutes!

Here's an Example:

Questions about self:

1. Am I capable of reaching my goals? (Objective, determination, potential, doubt, ambition)
2. What would I accomplish in the future? (Inspiration, curiosity, career, ambition, desire)
3. Where do I prefer to live more, Bogota or New York? (Preference, nostalgia, memory, self-exploration, home)
4. What would I be now if my infancy were different? (Regret, curiosity, past, wonder, imagination)
5. What is the thing I hate the most? (Likes, details, characteristics, anger, distinction)
6. Do I have abnormal thoughts? (Self-analysis, deception, incredibility, fiction, allusion)
7. Is my character and behavior really normal? (Incredibility, dislike, nonconformity, doubt, conscience)
8. What would I discover of myself? (Curiosity, self-exploration, confidence, unknown, surprise)
9. Am I doing well now? (Doubt, nonconformity, reasoning, expectation, association)
10. How do others see me? (Personality, autism, perspective, nature, quality)

Questions about the world:

1. Is the existence of a God reality? (Creation, expectation, divinity, evolution,disbelief)
2. What happens when people die? (Life, cycle, explanation, reincarnation, )
3. How would the world be 500 years later? (Future, curiosity, technology, advancement, imagination)
4. What can I contribute to better the world (ambition, responsibility, hope, greatness, contribution)
5. Are people really "connected"? (psychology, theme, human interaction, society)
6. Is it true that people have only seven degrees of separation? (psychology, theory, incredibility, confusion, proximity)
7. What society is so cruel? (nonconformity, disdain, injustice, problem, society)
8. Are we living in some sort of dimension? (Curiosity, possibilities, description, world, challenge)
9. What is the universe in reality? (Curiosity, explanation, perception, allusion, unknown)
10. Is free will an illusion? (Behaviorism, will, power, control, belief)


Why we use questions to begin inquiry projects - Our Essential Questions

  • What questions do you have and how can you find information that helps you answer those questions online?
  • Why are some things important to some people and how and why do people share their interests and questions online?
  • How can an online community help you find answers to questions that you have?
  • How do you make sure that your questions come to the attention of those who can help you online and how do you connect with people to get them to help you and for you to help them online?

Work you will have: 

  1. A link to your publicly available journal (or your profile) where you have listed your 10 questions about yourself and your 10 questions about the world.
  2. Plus, each question will have five keywords in parentheses next to it.
  3. A link to your freewriting in your public journal (or a post on Youth Voices) about one of your questions.
  4. A link to a comment you added to a Discussion Post on Youth Voices.