May 10, 2011
by: bgarcia

one -after reading chapter 1-3

1.what makes women different from men? there’s many things that make a women different from a man is the way they think and act
2.what does Zora Neale Hurston think based on paragraph 1 and 2 of the book? in paragraph one and two she just basically comparing both men and women
3.do you agree or disagree with her? i disagree with her cause everyone is different and every female and male don't think alike
4.what does the last sentence in chapter 3 mean? The last sentence in chapter 3 meanss that just cause your married doesn't mean your in love with each other and that broke her heart and turn her into a women.

two-after reading chapter 3 and 4

1..did Janie make the right decision in chapter 4? yes it was right because she didn't love him no more but the way she approached the situation was wrong
2.would you have done the same thing? if i didn't love the person i was with i would approach them the right way and tell them that i wouldn't want to be with them anymore
3.quote from chapter 3 and 4 twice to show why you agree or disagree? i agree that she left him cause in this quote it shows that Logan hit Janie “he says he never meant to lay de weighht uh his hand on me’ if my husband was to hit me i wouldn't stay with him. since he hit her i think she did do the right thing in leaving her husband.