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Jan 31, 2012

First Name: 


My name is Jimmy. I am a 15 year old teenager. I was born in Puerto Rico, but at the age of 6 I moved to New York. I was born September 17. Something important that happened to me was when I graduated from middle school. I had been in New York for six years.

Some things I like to do in school is play sports. Sports is a passion to me. I am a very good player in almost every sport. I also like learning history. Learning about wars is interesting. In school I am good at Spanish because I already know the language.

Outside of school I really like hanging out with friends and family. I like going to restaurants, movies and my uncle’s house. I'm particularly good at playing video games. Its a lot of fun. I got good at video games by constantly playing them.

Questions about me:

1. Do people like me?(friends), (family), (good person), (respect), (friendship)
2. What do people think about me?(cool), (nice), (good), (respectful), (friend)
3. What is something bad about me? (impatient), (hate school),( morning wake ups), (homework), (school)
4. Am I a good person? (nice), (respectful), (honest), (generous), (careful)
5. What do I need to do to get good grades? (homework), (study), (attendance), (classwork), (friendship with teachers)
6. How will my future be? (successful), (good), (happy), (awesome),(terrific)
7. Where will I be in the future? (Puerto Rico), (Florida), (New York), (Europe), (New Jersey)
8. Will I be successful?(Grades), (School), (College), (Good job), (money)
9. What do my parents think of me? (Good), (Smart), (Good looking), (Funny), (Well educated)
10. What if i was an only child? ( presents) (less fun), (Bored), (Attention), (house space)

Questions about the world:

1. Why are some people not allowed to come to the U.S?(raise), (color), (gender), (problems), (safety)
2. Why do people kill others?(problems), (hatred), (jealousy), (racism), (color)
3. Why do countries have Civil wars and fight each other?(racism), (problems), (color), (territory), (place)
4. Will the world end?(2012), (doomsday), (war), (aliens), (meteor)
5. Why does the government not give poor people homes and jobs? (raise), (color), (gender), (age), (personality)
6. Is the government bad?(tax), (secrets), (corrupt cops), (bad judges),(bad people)
7. Why is there war?(racism), (territory problems), (threats), (powerful countries), (nuclear threats)
8. Why do some people kill themselves?(family problems), (bullying), (mistakes), (depressed), (scared)
9. Could there be life in other planets?(mars), (space), (area 51), (pictures), (lights)
10. Do aliens exist? (sky lights), (area 51), (government secrets), (galaxy), (space)