Dialogue of Authors: Occupy Wall Street - Spring 2012

Jun 3, 2012
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Will you: 

Write a "dialogue of authors" in which the writers of the four articles listed below give their answers for the following questions, with supporting evidence for the claims that are made:

How should Obama and Romney respond to Occupy Wall Street? In his campaign for President, should each of the candidates support, denounce, or remain silent about the Occupy Wall Street movement?


Write this like a script for a play.

  • Who? List the characters (first name of each writer). How old is each? What is important to know about each? Where are each of them on the left-right political spectrum? (The left tends to support the OWS agenda, and the right tends to be against it.)
  • Where? Make up a setting. Briefly describe where these four people are meeting. Is there something meaningful about this place?
  • What? Re-state the questions in your own words. What are these four people debating? Why is this important?

Have your characters agree and disagree with each other and be sure to have them challenge each other to give reasons for their opinions and evidence for their claims. Be sure to find language from the articles to put words into the mouth of each of your characters. At least be consistent and have each character say what he would say, based on the article that you have read and annotated. Be sure to have each of your characters answer the questions for both Obama and Romney.

Read and annotate each of these articles about Occupy Wall Street,
published shortly after the May 1, 2012 demonstrations.

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When you finish reading and annotating all four articles,
write a "dialogue of authors" using this Google Template
in which each answers the questions, and post this as a discussion.

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