Why Do People Do Drugs??

Nov 12, 2008
by: ctai
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Did you have a specific experience that made you wonder about this? What was it?
Yes we had experience with this because our whole life we were around people who were doing drugs and everything. We always wonder why people do drugs because we know that if you do drugs it is just going to kill you faster and you will be living a shorter life than as expected. People around us do drugs everyday. People smoke everywhere and people smoke like 5-6 times a day. Why though? Do they just want to die faster? Drugs is not a good thing to do in your life and you are just killing your own body day after day. Since so much people do drugs we wonder why they do them. Maybe they want to be cool and just be like the other people out there. Drugs always makes us wonder how does it taste like and everything since everyone seems to do it anyways. Since we were growing up as babies our parents use to smoke and we always wonder what is it? Is it because they smoke to get rid of the stress and everything and just forget about everything that even happened?
What about your question seems difficult to understand? Why?
What about our question that we seem difficult to understand was why exactly do people do drugs? People would just suffer with all these different type of drugs and go through a life that is really miserable. It is so difficult to understand why people smoke. Why do they have to follow other people and try to be cool and everything, Why can't just everyone be themselves and live the life that they want to live. People are falling for peer pressure to do drugs and it is a bad influence on kids!!

Do you think other people are interested in learning more about this? Why?

We think other people are interested in learning about this too because maybe they want to know and have the same feeling as us as well. Smoking ruins our environment and it causes global warming and it effects the people around us. Also when people smoke it leads to second hand cancer which we people don't want as well. This environment is not safe because most of the people smoke and they smoke anywhere even around little kids.

Where do you think you will find interesting information about this? Why?
We think we can go and look at Wikipedia. That is because Wikipedia is a educational site with a lot of information. It is just like Google except it is full of one common thing, knowledge. We have recently used that site for other researches and so we are sure that we will find a lot of information in that sit too.

In what way might your inquiry be more complicated than it appears to be?

The complicated thing about this might be the different types of drugs. Every type of drugs have a different use. The different usage of each drugs might have some kind of side effect that can kill people. It may also be complicated because why would they create drugs in the first place if they know that it is a bad thing and that it would do harm to humans. Why would anyone want to harm humans and kill and destroy the environment. People should stop smoking now!!

Do you think that by looking for information about your wonder/topic, you'll actually end up learning about something else? What? Why?
We think we will find out something new because there is only a little bit of information out there that is available to kids. So if we do research on this topic we are 100% sure that we can learn something new about these drugs. We want to know everything that we can possibly learn. We have heard of drugs being a cure for certain diseases and we want to find out what other things drugs are helpful for. We are interested in this topic about drugs because we think there is things we still don't understand clearly about drugs yet.


The world around us..

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Submitted by 12calinn on Thu, 2008-11-20 09:38.

In our society, drugs are all around us. Most of the high school students know where to find the dealers and stores that will sell alcohol and cigarettes if you are underage, even if they don't buy them. I think that the idea of it being illegal is tempting to a lot of teens and even older people. The problem is that once you start doing drugs just because your curious it changes you. I know people who have started out smoking weed once a month. In the period of a year, they get down to a couple of times weekly. At that point the addiction has long formed. So what was initially just a path of curiosity, is now a way of life. From that point, to go back to the times before without the addiction is really hard. Also I think that since so many people are doing it they influence their friends and others around them to do drugs. I myself have never been influenced by peer pressure, but I certainly see it happening. The thing about this society that is so great is that you can bump into a pot head and a person wearing a "hugs not drugs" shirt in the same hallways at school. So in that sense you can have positive influence as well.

Dear Andrew  I was

Submitted by XLiu on Wed, 2008-12-17 21:50.

Dear Andrew 

I was interested in your post “Why do people do drug?!?!?!”, because millions of people die every year from cancer that was caused by smoking. What I thought was ridiculous were the fact that the price of cigar is raising. Why do people spend so much money from their hard work to make themselves die earlier? Those who made and sold drugs are no different from a murderer to me.

One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Drugs always make us wonder, what does it taste like and everything” I have to admit, I thought about it many times, it’s a good thing I could control myself. But for those who can’t control themselves would fell into the maze with a little bit push from their peers.

Another sentence that caught my attention was: “Why do they have to follow other people and try to be cool and everything?”  This remind of what I read in a book over the summer about philosophy, it said in the book: there are no measure for being “normal”, what turn out to be  normal would be the agreement the larger amount of people made, as a result the smaller group would be consider “weird”. Maybe those teens just doesn’t want others to consider them “weird”, it’s their balance that blind their eyes.

I do agree on what you wrote: “People are falling for peer pressure to do drugs and it is a bad influence on kids!” the talk of bad influence pops the image of celebrities smoking into my mind. Kids thought follow the celebrities they like as a model, soon or later they’ll be following what the celebrities do on TV, which is smoking.  Another reason I agree with is the fact that kids are afraid of being left out, or feel like smoking make their impression looks better.

Thanks for the effort you put into this, I look forward for more writing from you because your writing contain certain facts. Several statements you wrote get me to start wondering about the cause of it, and start to debate with myself inside my head.