UltraViolet Weekly Response

Mar 24, 2013
by: 17mahi

"For six weeks now, I'd blamed myself for Tori's death, and lived in fear of the terrible power inside me." (Pg. 143).

Pg. 1-257: Alison had woken up in a mental institution with no memory of why she is there. Later, she pieces her memory together to realize that she had killed a girl in her school by making her disintegrate. But in Alison's reasonable part of her mind, she says that it is impossible to do that, but in that little crazy part of her mind, she is starting to believe that it might be true, and that she might not be the normal schoolgirl that she was trying to be all her life, and what her mother always wanted to be; because her mother always seemed to be afraid of her, like she knew that Alison was crazy all along. Then Alison met a scientist named Faraday, and realized that she has a psychological power that makes her sense feelings, tastes, and lies through color. This makes other people misunderstand and think that she is crazy, since it seems like she is hallucinating. This quote is significant because it summarizes Alison's situation, and what has been causing her stress while she was in the mental institution.