Sep 15, 2008

First Name: 


Hi, I'm Margaret. You'll either love me, or you'll hate me. With me - there is no inbetween.

     Since highschool started, Ive changed alot. I've grown, into something beautiful, something amazing. Not just on the outside - but on the inside also. I use to be childish, loud, annoying - and sometimes... i'll admit I can still be that way, but changing takes time & I am changing every single day.
Then Poem;
Heart of a child; 
She had a heart of a child,
body of a teenager,
mind of a adult.
She acted childish,
but her thoughts blew peoples minds.
She never thought she'd grow up,
but then that faithful day came.
when the sky turned from blue to grey
and she learned what life was really like.
Now Poem;
Lives like a bird

Shes free, like a bird.
roaming, soaring, flying.
When she was childish...
Her mother wanted her at the nest,
always, at all time.
But now, shes mature, older, wiser,
Now... shes free...

     These poems show that I am changing, and even my mother sees it, Like a bird - I get to fly free now. I'm not chained to my mother anymore - I'm growing older and shes letting it happen. I know it hurts her... but I need to be free. I love to be free & I never knew I would love it this much - till the day I got to feel it.