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Mar 26, 2009

Shared by maryamkhan

I'm learning more about "economy" right now what I'm wondering about is"AMERICAN FORK -- Bank of American Fork will present a free business seminar titled "How to Survive -- and Thrive -- in a Down Economy".
As I was reading in my Google reader,this article caught my attension because they are telling us how should we live better life in this time that economy rate is down.I chose this article because by reading this we can know how the bank of America helping us to survive in a better Mr.Richard Beard, chief executive officer of the Bank of American Fork, discussing "Making the Economy Work for You".
it means that they are giving us this good opportunity that how we can work right now.
The quote I chose here is basically saying:that we have open to the public this seminar that they should register their and solve their problems.
I think that this is a wonderful opportunity for us and we should make most from this.
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