Sep 15, 2008

First Name: 

My name is Michelle, 17 years old currently attending East West in Flushing, New York. I was born in China/Fuzhou, then moved to New York in 2001. There nothing much to say about myself, but one I know of is I'm very lazy. I love watching drama, chatting and just hang around. I really hate being control in relationships as like with family, friends or what so ever. I like to do whatever I want and being on my own. I'm trying to learn how to be independent as of right now because I don't want to relay on my parents anymore. I want to prove that I'm not a little girl anymore I have my own way of thinking. One more thing about me is that I love to travel and experiencing new things and cultures. As of right now I have only been to Japan, U.S and China. since I was born in China and lives in NY right now. so I guess those two don't really count. I would love to visit places in Europe!..

Waiting until last minute (procastiater)
It tells it all,
Tried so hard to be organized.
She postpond things
that she MUST do
till the very last minute!
Hates it but couldn't change it.
First thing assigned
goes hand on hand
Changed and Proved
She had to let it happen
She had to change.
All you have to know
is that every word is true.
Runs around
trying everything new,
she can now,
take in all the laugh,
all the fights,
and all the long talks.
she had over come
and found herself.
These two poems shows the before and after me. I use to be very very shy maybe still now, but a little better. Im not a great writer because I dont like writing or reading. yes, I am a lazy person. I always do thing last minute and ignor everythng I can. I dont like to be all stressed out. I enjoy crack jokes with friends and laugh all day long. I do forgive people easily. becuase after a few days I would forget what have had happened. somtimes theres no point to be mad at somebody because they did somthing wrong. I believe everybody does thing for a certian reason whether its good or bad, we should acctept it becuase its their choice.