Feb 26, 2009
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As a writer I am pretty dull. Most works are nothing but meaningless words thrown together to make sense of a pointless topic. Only when feeling down can I truly amaze myself with the art of words.( yeah, When feeling sad and hurt I write of darkness, of fantasy. These things I write so elaborately and eloquently. I almost wish every piece could be as such, but mostly I just do as told. The strict restrictions of school and my choice of art prevent me from free expression through simple words on white paper. As a writer I do not see myself, I see a student doing as told. However as a dreamer, I see truth in myself. I find freedom with the pen, but only on my own and only in my darkest hours. A writer, I am not, but a dream, that I am.
One time in Science class we made children books about any kind of gemstone. I used a previously written story "The ugly duckling." to base the story. My story was about a duck with an ugly stone on her chest, and all the other ducks were pretty with nice stones. So, she ran away and fell asleep in a hot volcano. She almost died and a man saved her. He polished her up and made her stone the most beautiful of all, a diamond. When I got stuck I just used more scientific fact in the story. This was to make the book more educational. It was a big success at the elementary school that my teacher brought us to.

Please remember this assignment is purely ridiculous and I put forth hardly any effort in it.