Path to my dreams!

Nov 8, 2014
by: kchisholm

A couple weeks ago my brother was sent to the hospital, turns out he had pneumonia, acute chest which made him have a low count of oxygen. From the look of his face at home, I knew there was something wrong.

He had stayed in the hospital for a week because he already have a disease called sickle cell, so being that he already developed pneumonia and acute chest, his pain is more severe and it's more serious. Every day of that week he stayed. I've been coming after school to see him. We had a roommate. Our first roommate was a 15-year-old boy, named Felix. I don't quite recall what disease or disability he had, but it caused him not to talk very well or be able to control his body.

After Felix had gone, and we had said our goodbyes and stuff, one or two hours later the cleaning guy came in. I was a guest, and that meant that someone new was coming to our room so visiting hours was eventually over, and I had to leave.

That night my mom had called me and told me that new people were there now. She told me that it was a little six year old boy, and both of his parents was there. Later on she told me that the little boy's mother told him that she was leaving because she had to charge her phone, and she was coming back in the morning and his father is staying with him.

While his mother was getting ready to leave the room, the father slightly follows her, and the little boy asks where his father was going and he replied, "I’m walking Mommy down to the train station. I'll be right back, really quick.“

I’m guessing it wasn't quite convincing to the little boy. He shouted, “You're lying!” repeatedly. Lack of trust, isn't it?

I felt bad knowing that, this may not be the first time of this happening to that poor boy. That little boy knew it wasn't true, what he said. The father comforted him just enough for him to leave with the mother. The father promised that he would come back really fast .

The little boy stayed up all night, waiting for his father to come back. I bet you could see the exhaustion and betrayal in his eyes while watching cartoons. Eventually he drifted off to sleep.

That following morning, I had made my way over there to see my brother. He was in the playroom with his IV making new friends. While he was occupied and everything, I went into the room to try to plug in the X-box. The little boy was half asleep and he called for his mom.

I noticed that no one was in the room with him, no belongings, nothing. Eventually he went back to sleep. A few minutes after that, my mom and I went to the store to buy some snacks, sandwiches and stuff.

We came back, and no one was there still. So I asked my mom about the little boy's guardians not being there.

She told me that the father had yet to come back since he told the boy that he was coming back really fast from walking his mother to the train station. She told me the boy stayed up all night waiting for him. That's why he slept so long.

Eventually the little boy was awake.

I waved to him.

He slightly waved back.

When my mom and I went to the family room to warm up, my brother's food we came back to see the curtains wide open and the little boy and my brother talking. That made me smile. The little boy seemed around my brother's age. Later on I found out that he was six years old.

I first started talking to him when he wanted to adjust the T.V.. to the Internet and play games like my brother.

First, my mom asked him if he needed help.

He denied, then three minutes passed.

I offered to help him, and he said, "Yes."

I went over to his side of the room, we began to talk. I came to realized that he had stitches on his leg that were preventing him from being able to walk. But besides that he looked very sick as if he had cancer. I didn't want to ensure it or like jinx it or anything like that, but it looked somewhat pretty clear to me that it wasn't just the leg as to why he was still in the hospital.

I also noticed that his fingernails and toenails were dark almost black. He had such low hair that you could barely feel it. He had a misty brown complexion.

The more we talked, I became drawn to him. He was so sweet. The sweetest you can imagine! But he was also bold to others somehow. I remembered he pressed the nurse button, and every time they answered he always told the woman at the desk to get his nurse.

Then she said, "I’m sorry?"

And he said, with an attitude, "Get my nurse!"

To me, it was amusing and adorable, but it was annoying and rude to the nurses.

Here and then he would mention, "When is my mom coming?"

Every time one of the nurses came in, they would glorify me because I was keeping him company, since his parents weren't there.

They would come in and ask about his parents, and he would always reply back with, "Yeah, my mom is coming," and I could tell from the expression on every nurse's face that there's a chance that they somewhat doubt it. He was just hoping that she would come, but then I guess I took his mind off her and stuff.

We were laughing, playing and so much more, so much so that my brother was starting to get jealous. It was kind of shocking because the day before that, he had a slight attitude with me like he didn't want anything to do with me. I didn't really mind it because its pretty understandable. No one wants to be in a hospital for a week with no sign of approval that he’s leaving. I could tell that my brother was aggravated with that whole thing.

The boy in the other bed and I had a connection, I could tell because, “I love you,” slipped out of his mouth.

I didn't know what to say.

But after that, I noticed that he switched it up and rephrased his sentence and said, “I like you."

I said, “Aww, I like you too!”

I’ve never seen my brother become so jealous! I didn't know what to do. Of course I didn’t go up to him and try to clear the air because the little boy didn't want me to leave because he was afraid, probably because his parents had left and had yet to come back. I understood.

He was such a smart little boy. I can tell you that he had his moments when he was being slightly mean to the nurses.

One of them came into the room to give him some medicine.

He rejected it.

I told the nurse that he will take it, but in a few.

She was like, all right whatever you say.

Every time I looked at him I felt bad, but he always smiled at me. Every time, it just broke my heart. Even though I guess it's slightly okay for you to leave your child at the hospital to go to the store or something, I would not leave him overnight or anything like that.

Later on that day, I found out his name was Daishawn, and he was six years old. It seemed like he had had chemotherapy. Chemo is a category of cancer treatment that uses chemical substances, especially one or more anti-cancer drugs. His fingernails were dark and he had dark circles around his eyes, and he also had a long cast on his right leg he showed me the scar on his leg, and that's why he couldn't walk.

I fed him his medicine and checked his pressure. Every so often, a nurse would come in and thank me. One of them called me a gem! It felt good.

I’ve always wanted to be in the medical system, always wanted to be a doctor, but from my experience being in the hospital with my brother, Royal, you barely interact with the doctor and stuff. The nurses are the one who talk to the patients and interact with them. With that said, I think I want to be a nurse now, a pediatric nurse.

I just loved how I was able to put a smile on a kid's face even when he wasn't in the best of situations.


Path to My Dreams

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Submitted by urbanilliterati on Sat, 2014-11-08 18:54.

Hi Kyanna,

Your story moved me to tears. My mom is a nurse, and it truly takes a special person. You really sound like that special person, and Daishawn's life was made much better simply because you were in it. I could focus my comment on how mad I am at his parents, but celebrating your behavior towards him is a much more fruitful way to spend my time. Your narrative was powerful.

I am a teacher at a high school in Oakland, and I will be using this narrative in my class to show my students how personal experience shapes great stories. I would also like to share it because my students are working on senior projects related to a social equity issue, and their idea for those projects stems from a personal experience that makes them passionate about the topic they are researching.

What I would like my own students to do is create a narrative about their research topic to help them reconnect to the passion with which they began these projects.

Thank you so much for giving me ideas for my teaching. I look forward to my students posting their stories on Youth Voices.

Ms. P

Great example

Submitted by pemblej17 on Wed, 2014-11-12 12:11.

Your post was amazing. I thought the story was truly moving. I myself have an aunt that's a nurse, and I think think you should definitely consider being a nurse after that.

After reading, I think the biggest question that pops into my head is what happened to Daishawn? Do you know? I would love to hear how this really ends.

Building on Ms. Paraiso's comment, I think this is a great example of a personal narrative. I would've liked to have seen this before I wrote my first personal narrative!

I am proud by your essay

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Submitted by ramos on Thu, 2014-11-13 15:05.

I am proud by your essay “Path to my dreams” because of how much I know about your brother's illness.

One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “When my mom and I went to warm up my brother's food in the family room, we came back to see the curtains wide open and the little boy was talking to my brother. That put a smile on my face." I think this is great! Also I love that you had been going: “Every day of that week he stayed I've been coming after school to see him.”

Another sentence that i like was: “When the little boy was talking to the brother.” This stood out for me because your story reminds me of something that happen to me.

One time i was in the hospital for three days because i was sick, and I met an eleven boy in the hospital and he told me he came to the hospital by himself and then were talking.

Thanks for your post!

Great story... how is it a path?

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Submitted by jperez on Wed, 2014-11-19 14:55.

I am sad about what happened to your brother in your post, "Path to my dreams!” Also, may I ask, what made you want to name the story "Path to my dreams"? Basically what I'm trying to say is what did your dream have to do with the story between your brother and the little six year old boy and his parents?

One sentence you wrote stands out to me is: “I just love how I was able to put a smile on a kids face even when he wasn’t in the best situations.” I think this is good and caring for you because you had a young brother of your own and I'm just guessing that you knew exactly what you were talking about and how you had the same connection with that boy, just like you have with your younger brother.

Another sentence I liked was: “I felt bad knowing that this may not be the first time of this happening to that poor boy.” What I would like to know is how did you know the expression on his face of him knowing that his parents were lying to him. Since you knew that, did you ever have an expression like once in your life or you just knew what he was going through? I also like how you took him in like if he was your own brother and you were by his side while his parents were gone, and how you gave him company all that time until the point where the kid had said: “I like you.”

Your story reminds me of something that happened to my brother, but it's not the same. This is a lot different. So there was this one time my brother fell off the bunk bed and he got a cut on his forehead, and I was screaming for my mom to call the ambulance. When they came, I was scared. I thought something would have happened way worse than what's already happening. The next day, he was home with stitches. Then three weeks went by and he went back to the hospital to get the stitches removed.

Please let me know your answer to my question about what your dream have to do with the story between your brother and the little six year old boy and his parents. Thanks for your post!