Photo 180

Aug 31, 2015
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Will you: 

The purpose of Photo 180 is to take pictures of a complete school year showing all 180 days and the 180 degree change that a single school year can make in our lives. We invite you to shoot one picture every day, expressing what was happening for you as a learner that day whether in school or outside of school. What's important to you?

If you're a student anywhere in the world, we invite you to add some photos that express what happens in your school or other spaces where you are learning. You can add one photo from any day of the year, or one for every day of the 180-day school year.

The title for each photo should include the day of the year (e.g. Day3) it was taken. You should also include a brief description of the experience represented by that image.

Also to keep our group organized, please give your discussion post two tags: Photo180 and the number of the day you were shooting. For example: Photo180, Day1 (The tags should have no spaces, and should be capitalized.)

You don't have to add a photo every day of the year, but you may if you would like. You can start this mission, drop off, and return later, or you might challenge yourself to post an image every day. To add an image to this project, you just have to find out which day of the school year it is and add that information to the title and to the tags.

You can also take more than one image for each day of the school year. If you do, please put them all in one discussion post.

Please don't add images from multiple days in one post: one discussion post per school day, please.

Let's have fun tracking our year together!

If you're a member of Flickr you might also add your image to the Photo 180 group.