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Animals Need Shelters

Discussion by: 21ebiedo on Fri, 2018-05-11 19:11 with 0 comments

I have noticed a big issue that is common out on the streets. There are many animals including pets that are either homeless, lost, or hurt and have nowhere to go. I am trying to raise awareness and change this by encouraging others to help out in funding shelters in order to have more caring employees. By reaching out to Mayor Bill De Blasio we can get proper funding and build more shelters for these animals.

Animal Testing Argument

Discussion by: Hintermanl18 on Tue, 2017-11-07 22:13 with 0 comments

Luke Hinterman
Dawn Reed
November 6
Animal Testing

How Should We Look at History in Today's World

Discussion by: The Movie Destroyer on Tue, 2016-11-01 09:46 with 0 comments
Just a plain white page because there isn't a good pic for this

About a month ago my YouTube was fulfilled with this ad of some sort of film called Baker Street. I'm not sure with the name though but the first line was this woman shouting: "The holocaust is real, it's a fact."
I was very annoyed by it.
There is a reason for it and I know, therefore you should better know that some strong language is going to be used. No swear word, I promise.

>>>This article might trigger some people. Please think over your decision before you read.>>>

"Do You Want to Build A Wall?"

Discussion by: The Movie Destroyer on Thu, 2016-10-13 10:15 with 0 comments

Oh hi there, here is the Movie Destroyer. Yes, I'm back.
Recently I'm feeling that I'm becoming more political because apparently, the election is right behind the corner and I, someone who doesn't meet the voting requirement, is sitting in front of my computer, and trying to pull something out from all the voices from the political domain and just, standing in a middle ground, give you all something about my view on the election.
Note: I'm not a Trump supporter nor a Hillary supporter.
Also, the Movie Destroyer rule #1:

Malaise as if it were a Localised Miasma

Discussion by: landayc18 on Thu, 2016-09-22 23:14 with 0 comments
Malaise in Art

It's a beautiful word. It is a condition, a frame of mind, a concept--malaise is an attractive word. And though it may not incite emotion in the same way that "moist" would, it still manages to light my intellectual fire every time I imagine it. Malaise.

The Power of Believing

Discussion by: hancockc17 on Wed, 2016-09-21 11:51 with 0 comments

Hope, love, courage, strength-- to me “believe” is the embodiment of all of these combined. Growing up my mom filled our house with countless signs bearing that word. For a long time, I didn’t appreciate or understand the word; I just thought my mom had a perpetual obsession with it. I had seen the phrase, “Believe in the magic of Christmas,” and while it is a great message (don’t get me wrong, I love the magic of Christmas), “believe” also goes so far beyond that.

Dear Mr./Mrs. President

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Dear Mr./Mrs. President

Emotional Space

Discussion by: tsaeteurn on Wed, 2016-08-10 16:15 with 0 comments

Boundaries. It is a dividing line that marks a limit of an area which can signify many different things. In the book BOUNDARIES by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend, they mentioned Emotional Space. It is a temporary boundary that gives your heart the space it needs to heal and feel safe. “People who have been in abusive relationships need to find a safe place to begin to “thaw out” emotionally”(Cloud Townsend,38). When reading this, a spark grew in my head. It was somewhat gratifying. I mean sounds logical but I never really practiced this boundary so it was something new for me.

Better Lives

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Dear President,


Hello, my name is Janet Becerra, and I am writing to you because there is a problem in our county and it needs to be solved soon.


A Life and Death Situation

Discussion by: Allsup on Sun, 2016-06-26 08:35 with 0 comments

To the Next President,

Vaccinations should be required by law in all public schools because they are effective, they are safe, and they protect Americans from easily preventable deaths and diseases. 26 states in the U.S are below the government mark of 95% coverage for the MMR vaccine. That’s too many states. These diseases that people are still dying from are avoidable and preventable. There is no reason why on average 5,000 people die each year from Hepatitis B. Or why 40,000 people on average die from influenza each year just in the United States. Something needs to be done.

Dear Matthew

Discussion by: fcastaneda on Fri, 2016-06-24 20:50 with 0 comments

Dear Matthew

I am proud with your essay “Gary Lies "Because I loved the way you explain Gary life and when the was in school and details about the chapter.

One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “Gary goes to church with Rick and Debra, sometimes. After a month or so Rick and Debra stop going to church every day.”I think it is a strong sentence is because when I was little I loved going to church and while I was going up I never went back to church.

Dear Raleek

Discussion by: fcastaneda on Fri, 2016-06-24 09:13 with 0 comments

Dear Raleek

I am happy about you essay, “Bad Boy Gary”because the explain about the first chapter of living up the streets.You also explain that the was not a good kid when he was younger like 10 or 11.

What am I giving my sister?

Discussion by: justinrodriguez on Wed, 2016-06-22 09:47 with 0 comments

I read parts of Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan. Reading about food led me to track my own food. Some things I’ve eaten are cereal, chicken, candy, fruits.

One part of the book that stood out for me is the chapter on chicken nuggets. Page 119 says “Chicken Mcnugget contain nearly twice as much fat as a regular hamburger.’’ This quote means to me that a chicken nugget from McDonald's, that I always buy for my sister is not 100% chicken. This quote make me think about the food that my sister and I eat.

Dear Damian

Discussion by: fcastaneda on Tue, 2016-06-21 09:33 with 0 comments

Dear Damian

I am proud with your essay “Living with Catholics”because I loved the way you explain about Gary Soto live.What he was doing in his live.

One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “In Living Up The Street Gary Soto talks about his life as a boy and his family and how they lived on Bradley Street.”I think this is a strong sentence because you explain what the book was about.Also I loved when you said that the book was about his life as a kid.

The sad little dog

Discussion by: fcastaneda on Mon, 2016-06-20 13:05 with 0 comments

In chapter 20 of the book “Living up the street”and it was about one of his friends dog in the first and second sentence of the book. When the owner gave the dog some food the dog started to cry.While Gary and his two best friends was watching TV the light turn off and they had to tell funny jokes.

my food traking connections

Discussion by: avillanueva on Fri, 2016-06-17 15:10 with 0 comments

I read parts of Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan. Reading about food led me to track what food I eat. So some food I eat is Pb and j, mashed potatoes,bacon egg and cheese (etc).

One part of this book that stood out to me was “ when farmers first planted hybrid corn in the 1930s their yields doubled or tripled”pg 35.This quote means that farmers are genetically modifying corn to produce more kernels.

are we made out of corn?

Discussion by: tmyrick on Fri, 2016-06-17 15:09 with 0 comments

I read omnivore's dilemma by Michael Pollan reading about food and me to my food tracker. One of things i mostly eat is pork and i found out that everything is made out of corn and we could be made out of it. I asked myself,’’are we made out of corn?’’ This quote reminds me of watching the omnivore's video and both in the video and book say that everything we eat is made out of corn.I made this connection because if everything is made out of corn and we are what we eat, that would mean we are corn. Making connections is an important because it can help understanding the concept.

Gary Soto is Brave, Smart, and Athletic

Discussion by: aruiz on Thu, 2016-06-16 09:27 with 0 comments

Fifth grade is an odd year for Gary because in the book he says that the short nuns threw chalk at him, chased him with books cocked over their heads, squeezed him into cloak closets and on slow days asked him to pop erasers and to wipe the blackboards clean.

Gary Soto, the protagonist in Living Up The Street, has a few traits that influence his relationships with others.

One, he is brave. Two, he is smart. Three, he is athletic. These traits influence his relationships with others.

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