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The Catholic School

Discussion by: rwynn on Thu, 2015-10-15 12:48 with 0 comments
By Gary Soto

In living up the street up the street it talks about a boy and his family and how they lived and how in the back of his days and how he was growing up.
because it states that sister mare walked up another row, still tapping her pencil and talking about The school he was getting bullied by other students.also sister Marie's corner did not care for the children sixth chapter of living up the street by Gary Soto was about when he went to a Catholic s
hunger when she pointed to me. and Gary well he would be one of the first to die so to me it looks like she don't care about him.

Bad Boy Gary

Discussion by: rwynn on Thu, 2015-10-08 09:43 with 1 comments

Now that I've made a map about Living Up The Street by Gary Soto I am noticing that I had a lot of fun places ,that are across where they live at but I think these places are working places because they had to get up every morning to do work and chores.

The issues that keep coming up are that they are terrible kids and they have no home training so they don't listen to they parents and they bully other people around the street. It says on page two that they throw rocks at cars and sodas at cars.

My Nick and My Real Name

Discussion by: rwynn on Mon, 2015-07-06 10:41 with 0 comments

My name is Raleek. I hate my name, because people make it sound like a British name.

I tell everybody to call me Rah or Rahh Rahh. I tell them, "Don't call me Raleek because people make it sound British and I'm not British!"

When I was five years-old, I told my mom and my dad, I wanted my first name to be Andre and last name to be Solomon.

When I was getting older, I kept on asking them to change my name, but they were like, "This is too much!" They got mad.


Discussion by: rwynn on Mon, 2015-07-06 09:53 with 1 comments

Once my friends and I went to a prom. It was a long day. We had to dress up and ask girls if they would take us in a prom night. We all did that in one day, but then it came to the big part.

We were all in the party, dancing, singing, and etc. The owner of the hotel said everybody stop and listen.

We all stopped and listened, and we sat down to see what was he going to say.

We sat down, and he said, "Now everybody bring or take out y'all's prom letters."

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