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Research Reflection

Discussion by: Cborgialli on Thu, 2015-12-17 16:12 with 0 comments

My first step in my research was to write my thesis which I would later add onto and advance after I researched my topic more. I found as many sources as I could. Reading about different research that has been done on my topic helped me narrow down what I wanted to focus on. At first, I knew that in general I wanted to research educational spaces and how they affect learning. As I read on, I found a lot of information about what special needs kids need in a learning environment. I then began to think about how to make learning environments can accommodate all different types of learners.

Flaws in our educational system (Research Prospectus)

Discussion by: Cborgialli on Thu, 2015-12-17 09:16 with 2 comments

Education is a highly valued resource in today’s modern society. It is considered necessary for success in the majority of careers. In order to ensure all students an equal shot at success and meeting high standards in their professional careers, our education system should receive top notch funding and be efficiently designed. Our public schools are not designed to fit needs of a variety of different students. Many different personality traits require different classroom classroom layouts, schedule designs and levels of instruction.

Mars says goodbye to its atmosphere.

Discussion by: Cborgialli on Mon, 2015-11-09 23:49 with 0 comments
An artists rendering of a solar storm approaching Mars.

Lately scientists have started to notice the thinning of Mars's atmosphere. They suspect the cause to be solar storms coming from the sun. These storms carry very very strong solar rays that gradually blast away at Mar's once Earth like atmosphere.

My Favorite Word

Discussion by: Cborgialli on Tue, 2015-09-22 21:19 with 1 comments

I feel that no matter what the circumstances, if you have confidence in yourself, you can get anything done. For me, confidence depends a lot on my appearance and physical health. I find that if I wake up early and take the time to look nice, then I feel more confident all day long about being productive and achieving my goals. I depend on confidence to help me with a lot of things such as, speaking up as I tend to be pretty quiet and introverted and also to push myself when I believe I can’t do something.

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