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Interviewing Experts on Neurology

Discussion by: lovebugleen on Mon, 2016-04-25 15:05 with 0 comments

Contacting experts for an interview via email, letter, or person is an excellent way to provide more support or even rebuttal to one's research. For my class's research papers in my class AP Language and Composition, my teacher requested that we contact at least two experts in the field of our topic. Because I was researching "brain death and the measures taken to sustain life in brain dead patients," I contacted two neurology professors.

The questions I asked were the same for both:

EBSCO Research Results

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To start, I should reemphasize my research question: how drastic should life-sustaining measures be for patients who are brain dead?

I know your initial thoughts must be, "Wow, that is a heavy topic for mere high school research" or "how will you find good research on that topic?" First, yes, it is a very loaded but a very intriguing topic to me at the same time. Second, thankfully, my English teacher Mr. Sloan has some research tricks up his sleeve and was willing to share them with my class!

GALE Research Results

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Continuing my research on the topic "brain death," I have come to narrow it down more to a more specific area: the question of morality in life-sustaining measures for brain-dead patients. This is a heavy and emotionally charged topic for many, and I see the issue of maintaining objectiveness as a hurdle in writing my paper, however, that is a hurdle I will jump for down the road (or should I say "track").

Research Study Survery for YOU

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Research Project Brainstorm on Brain Death

Discussion by: lovebugleen on Sun, 2016-03-20 04:36 with 0 comments
Human brain graphic model

My class, AP Language and Composition, is about to embark on the daunting task of writing a research paper on any topic of our choice. When debating which topic intrigued me the most, I brainstormed an array of topics I could choose from and found that over 90% of those topics were medical-related. Why not do something that will sustain my interest for a long period of time? My interest in this field has been unwavering since I can remember, and it only felt natural to feed my medical curiosity. The cat is out of the bag and is looking for the closest OR room.

Embryonic Stem Cell Research Controversy

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“Embryonic Stem Cell Research Controversy”

Dystopia in US-topia

Discussion by: lovebugleen on Fri, 2015-12-11 02:04 with 0 comments

In a seemingly perfect society, from the filtration of reality to plastering of stitches on actually deep lacerations on civilian existence, it may be hard to separate through the rubble of lies to reach the truth; it may be hard and/or, it may be undesirable.
The truth of homelessness, poverty, oppression of women's education, sex trafficking, etc. is present, but not always sought because of its hideous resistance to a pretty, filtered life.

Q: What is the driving force that motivates us to live?

Discussion by: lovebugleen on Sun, 2015-10-11 14:45 with 0 comments

Based on the accumulation of all my life experiences, time discussing philosophical stances in classes, and personal beliefs, I hold true that the driving force that motivates one to live is... love. When you think about what an individual's intention behind each action is, it all relays back to some extent of the universal idea of love. For example, the intention behind getting an education might be to learn more about what an individual is capable of knowing, but really, it relates back to the theme of love, as love for his/her mental well-being is prominent.

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