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Discussion by: YunusOHS on Wed, 2016-06-01 14:32 with 0 comments

I am going to talk about why people kill there self.
Lack of interest in future plans.
Not happey
Relationship problems
Made a bad mistake
Drug Addiction / Substance Abuse

I am going to talk about Why people commit sucide and how to pervent sucide from happing.

Fat Dad, Fat Kid

Discussion by: YunusOHS on Wed, 2016-01-13 08:52 with 0 comments

Fat Dad, Fat Kid is a really good book because it talked about his journey how he lost 100+lbs. Before he started a diet he weighed over 300+lbs. His son was not average in his weight. he waited more than other kids in this age. so his dad and him started a diet. It was the 30 day challenge. Every dad his family would do a workout. After you read one chapter of the book you go on his channel and do the workout (shayLoss). The reason he made his book was to help others to live a healthier lifestyle.

My name Yunus Shugayev

Discussion by: YunusOHS on Thu, 2015-10-15 14:33 with 5 comments

My name Yunus means in Turkish is a messenger of god and a dolphin. In english it means a very good looking and cool guy with nice eyes. Easy to make friends with. My parents named me Yunus because they like it. I don't care if people can't say my name. The history behind it. In muslim religion Yunus means messenger of god so one day there was guy want to a town and the people did not like him so he ran by the Ocean and there were people there and he asked for a ride to go somewhere and leave the town.

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