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Who do I admire

Discussion by: elang on Fri, 2016-03-11 12:51 with 0 comments

My mentor is the person I admire the most at my LTI site. I admire him the most because when I first started he was the one to let me know how everything was going to be and he even told me about the students lives at home so I could know why each student acts a certain way. He even told me about his past and relationship with his father which caused him to be a better father to his kids, and I admire him for that.

missing out

Discussion by: elang on Fri, 2016-03-04 12:59 with 0 comments
rose and concrete

This week at my internship was short for me because last thursday I didn't go because of my asthma and tuesday I didn't go because my class went on a field trip. When I went yesterday all the kids missed me and ran to give me a hug. Yesterday I was also able to get a new experience of how to get a group of young girls to get along. I was able to talk to a girl about how every thing can always go her way. She was mad at me at first but then she got over it and gave me a hug. Last , i'm starting to learn the staff names by heart and i'm learning more of the students names by heart.


Discussion by: elang on Fri, 2016-02-26 14:02 with 0 comments
rose in concrete

This week i learned more about their schedule and how they teach the kids that aren't from a spanish background to speak spanish. I also learned more about how their school came along. I finally learned the schedule of the classes I help every tuesdays and thursdays. To me the school is ethical because they are always involving raza and black history in everything they do.

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