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The Power of Believing

Discussion by: hancockc17 on Wed, 2016-09-21 11:51 with 0 comments

Hope, love, courage, strength-- to me “believe” is the embodiment of all of these combined. Growing up my mom filled our house with countless signs bearing that word. For a long time, I didn’t appreciate or understand the word; I just thought my mom had a perpetual obsession with it. I had seen the phrase, “Believe in the magic of Christmas,” and while it is a great message (don’t get me wrong, I love the magic of Christmas), “believe” also goes so far beyond that.

My Favorite Place

Discussion by: hancockc17 on Sun, 2016-03-20 20:04 with 0 comments

Growing up, my grandparents used to live in St. Simon’s Island, Georgia. The first time I went, I was four, and I have been many times since. What my family has always liked best about it is that it isn’t over commercialized, such as Myrtle Beach or Palm Beach is. St. Simons Island is a small community. Although my parents and I didn’t live there, we knew many of the people and felt like a part of the community. I made friends with the kids next store, and we even became friends with the mailman, Melvin. St. Simon’s Island holds so many things that I treasure.

Finding my Voice

Discussion by: hancockc17 on Wed, 2016-03-09 09:02 with 0 comments

As a kid, I was always the one who would sit in the back of the group as our teacher read to us. I was the kid who was shy, and wasn’t hyper like the rest of my class. I had friends, but just a small group of them was the comfortable amount for me. Back in kindergarten, my teacher used to award a giant sticker to who she felt was either the kindest or most helpful student of the week. Everyone wanted one of those stickers, because it meant that you had accomplished being a good student. One week I finally was awarded one of those stickers and I was overjoyed.

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