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The Honest Woodman

Discussion by: 21biswashs on Mon, 2016-05-23 01:04 with 0 comments

This is my Scratch animation for my Technology Class. Our goal was to make an animation of a folktale that had the protagonist make a decision. But the main goal was to make it interactive where the viewer chooses what happens in the story and decides which on ending he or she want’s to see. I believe that i did pretty well with my animation because my tech teacher showed me how to break down my goals into little mini goals so I could divide my time up for each section and we also discussed on ways we can do our work without procrastinating.

Act 1
Honest Woodman by Aesop

The MLG Adventures of Bob the Moron

Discussion by: 21biswashs on Thu, 2016-03-31 11:19 with 0 comments
The MLG Adventures of Bob the Moron
The MLG Adventures of Bob the Moron Storyboard

My animation is about a ghoul named Bob. His friend makes fun of his name and Bob gets angry. Bob then tells him that he will summon the unicorns on his friend by collecting the dust from Wizard Felix. After Bob and his friend make this bet, Bob then leaves and goes to the MLG portal to see M.L.G A.K.A Mighty Lord Gregory to get the power of the DANK. Bob talks to MLG tells him why he needs the dust. He gets the power of DANK and goes to Wizard Felix and gets the fairydust and autograph and goes back to his friend. He kills his friend and he still gets made fun of.

Anime, Yes or No

Discussion by: 21biswashs on Wed, 2016-03-02 11:40 with 0 comments

Is anime good or bad. Many people like anime and some people don't it. So you decide should anime be favored or disliked?

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