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Looking Forward

Discussion by: treyk on Sun, 2010-05-16 20:43 with 1 comments
    This week begins the last week of high school.  It has been four long years and there has been plenty of laughter, drama, heart breaks, hookups, and many other things to experience in the high school world.  As someone who has been looking forward to the end of these years, I can't wait to grab my diploma and run towards a new life in a whole different environment.  But there are others who are saddened by this evolving stage and wish that senior year could be put on repeat.  Some are traveling to different states and different countries while others are staying close to home.  Everyone is going to experience similar things and very different things.  All of us fear the nerve-wracking presence of the unknown as we begin life as true independents.  No matter where we are going or what our future plans are, we must approach these plans head on and focus on all of the wonderful things that are about to happen to us.  We shouldn't be nervous or doubtful, scared or regretful.  We must be optimistic and proud that we made it through these tough years in our lives and look forward to change.<

American Scholarships Going to Foreign Competitors

Discussion by: treyk on Sun, 2010-05-02 17:33 with 2 comments

 As a high school senior who has finally chosen a college, I've spent a lot of time on the computer looking at which schools may be a good fit and which ones I cannot afford.  While I searched school after school, looking for somewhere I could play collegiate tennis, I couldn't help but notice the large amount of foreign athletes on the highest and lowest competitive levels.  They are a dominating force in American collegiate tennis and they consume a large portion of scholarships that may otherwise be given to American students.  I became even more curious about this subject when I saw that Seattle University's tennis program does not allow scholarships to foreign students.  I couldn't stop from wondering if they should be allowed this money or not.

Prom Season

Discussion by: treyk on Tue, 2010-04-13 15:00 with 1 comments

As prom season approaches I begin hearing of major plans being set, dress shopping nightmares, tuxedo renting, and all the issues of money, money, money.  All of the guys are trying to find the $100 they need to attend this formal dance and the girls are bragging about how they don’t need to pay squat.  When most people think back on their high school years they think about prom.  Many stories you hear about high school involve or revolve around prom.  It seems like your high school years would be ruined if you didn’t attend this important event.
    As prom season approaches, the more and more excited I get because I have no intention of making an appearance.  While most of my classmates and getting gussied up and paying a painful amount of money to eat a crappy dinner and get spied on by the poor faculty, I’ll be having the time of my life with my best friends.  We are paying a low fee of $25 to dance and sweat with no chaperones in sight at a high volume, raging concert!
    Would you rather attend this?

Focus is Not in My Vocabulary

Discussion by: treyk on Thu, 2010-03-25 15:07 with 0 comments

    As a senior in high school, you usually have a large group of friends in your class, in lower grades, and also friends that are older and have graduated.  As we reach the two month marker, it is hard to focus and do the work assigned from your teachers.  As I have a large group of friends who are no longer in high school, it is difficult to go home and do my work.  The time limits we receive from being in school forces us to go to bed early and not do activities with your friends during weekdays.  But this group is not limited at all.  When they want to go out and doing something, they are going to do it regardless of the time or day.  It is difficult to be an active "participant" in these circles of friends because of your educational limitations.

Lady GaGa - Top of the Charts

Discussion by: treyk on Fri, 2010-03-12 09:45 with 9 comments
Career goals
    Ever since her first single Just Dance became a hit, I have been a crazed fan of Lady GaGa.  Her sound, original and catchy, always intrigued me and left me wondering what she would do next.  When noticed as a crazed fashionista, rumored as a hermaphrodite, and known for being a slutty butterface, she only seemed to thrive off of the attention.  After stunning live performances, creative music videos, and a record breaking four number one singles on a debut album, she was certainly on the map as someone to watch out for.  She worked with top performers such as Akon, Beyonce, and even rumored to have started something with Michael Jackson.  One magazine cover after another and she is finally getting the respect she deserves.  When the addition to her first album came out at the end of 2009 and quickly became platinum, Lady GaGa was a household name.  Her single Bad Romance was blasting through every radio station and was set to repeat on my iPod.  It stayed at number one for a long time and became her fifth number one single of 2009.  The music video was one of the most creative pieces

Destination Key Largo!

Discussion by: treyk on Sun, 2010-03-07 16:51 with 0 comments

  Why does Key Largo make a perfect family getaway?  Is it the intense sunrays that make you glisten, the fact that you can't look anywhere without water in sight, or the beautiful coconut trees that gracefully flow in the wind?  I am currently in Key Largo, sitting inside with the windows and doors open feeling the cool breeze, looking at the water canal outside where thirty minutes ago manatees were swimming up and down looking for some warm water to play in.  It is a place where you can escape to do basically anything you desire.

Got Free Time?

Discussion by: treyk on Thu, 2010-02-11 16:16 with 0 comments

    What is the job of a dean?  For all I know, they deal with detentions, absences, punishment, and other jobs assigned to them.  I don't know much about their work load, but it seems to me like they have plenty of time to deal with personal issues of the students, emailing parents, and basically everything their job requires.  I don't want to give out his name, so I will give him the alias of Bob.  Lately, I have needed my dean Bob's assistance in a lot of things involving my parent's permission and I thought that he would be available for all we asked of him.  But I have recently found that he seems to have no time for me what-so-ever, even though I see him lollygagging in the cafeteria throughout the day.  I submitted an extended absence form because I am going to possibly go over the amount of classes we are allowed to miss.  Bob told me that he was going to have a meeting with "Student Services" to decide whether or not I am allowed to miss.  This meeting was supposed to occur Tuesday morning, while my first absence would be Friday.  I needed to drive down to a tennis tournament Thursday afternoon so I n

Farmville Mania!

Discussion by: treyk on Sun, 2010-01-31 17:48 with 4 comments


            This first time I heard of Farmville I thought it was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard of. Who wants to spend their time growing and harvesting crops in a virtual neighborhood? It takes time, patience, and you have to keep up with the game so that your crops don’t die over time! I made fun of all my friends for playing this game, until I tried it for myself.

Christmas without Presents

Discussion by: treyk on Sun, 2009-12-20 17:07 with 3 comments
Christmas isn't about presents.  Starting two years ago my family and I decided to skip on presents and enjoy the most important thing in our lives; eachother.  We found that we were beginning to focus more on the materialistic side of the holiday and that it needed to stop.  Our last couple of holidays have been so much more fun.  We sit with each other and play games, tell stories, and laugh all day.
Giving gifts may be a wonderful thing if the person receiving the gift really needs it.  Give to the homeless or the hungry.  None of my family members really need anything, so we don't.  Why should you give your brother or sister a bunch of video games or random thoughtless gifts when all it does is separate you to spend more time with the presents.  Christmas should be about family and togetherness.
Here is a charity that gives to people who actually need gifts:

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Discussion by: treyk on Fri, 2009-12-11 15:16 with 1 comments
Favorite books

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