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Portrait Voicethread

Discussion by: nellb on Tue, 2011-02-01 15:09 with 0 comments

 This is a voicethread that I created for my digital photography class in school. My feelings and ideas about the unit and each photograph can be found in the comments. Enjoy!

Portrait Voicethread

Discussion by: nellb on Tue, 2011-02-01 15:04 with 0 comments

 This is a voicethread that I made while working in my digital photography class. You will find all of my thoughts in the comments. Enjoy!

Portrait of Emily

Discussion by: nellb on Fri, 2011-01-14 10:15 with 1 comments



This is a picture of my friend Emily. I took this photo without intending to use this for any purpose but to just have a picture of my friend. Looking back on this picture, I really love how it turned out. My friend is smiling so genuinely. I also think it is really interesting how th lighting turned out. Emily's face is iluminated by the natural light that is coming in through the window behind the camera.


Discussion by: nellb on Thu, 2010-12-16 15:16 with 0 comments

  This is the self-portrait that I have selected to share on Youthvoices. Although I captured many more self-portraits of myself, I feel that this is the most interesting looking one. There was natural lighting coming in from a window in front of my face. I used flash as well in order to obtain the intense brightness on my face. 

Nell's Silhouette

Discussion by: nellb on Tue, 2010-11-23 15:04 with 2 comments

This is an example of a silhouette that I created using Picnik. I was able to create this by using the free options that are available on Picnik. By selecting the 'adjustable threshold' option and adjusting the darkness. Then, I was able to choose the 'doodle' icon and be more selective in the areas that were darker and lighter in color. I really like this effect and the power it has to change the overall mood of the image. I feel that using mostly black shadowing, 


Exploring with Light and Moods

Discussion by: nellb on Wed, 2010-11-17 01:00 with 1 comments


This is a picture that I took of two of my friends. The task given to our class was to take a picture exploring different aspects of lighting and how that lighting can change the mood of a given image. I think this photograph exemplifies perectly how the modd of a picture can be changed by the lighting. For example, the main light in the picture is directied onto Haley, in the forgeround. Haley's mood (even without the sillyness of her face) is shown to be very happy and friendly due to the bright lighting. Mike who is found in the background of this image, has the opposite effect as that of Haley's. Mike's modd on the other hand can be interpreted in a much darker sense. Mike is recieving almost no lighting in this image and his mood is far more somber and dark than Haley's.

Looking more closely at lighting...

Discussion by: nellb on Thu, 2010-09-23 14:05 with 0 comments

 Over the summer, I was very active in taking photographs when i visited new and interesting places. I was sure to snap a photograph if something caught and captivated my eye. I was not interested in keeping a common theme through my photographs, nor was I focusing on a certain subject. However, when I was looking through my work from the summer, I noticed that I had been following a certain idea (subconsciously). I noticed that many of my pictures held an interesting quality when It came to the lighting. There was an element of intriguing lighting in almost all of my photographs. 

Below, is a picture that I took at a county fair over the summer. I find it very captivating that your eye is instantly drawn to the bright cloud in the top left corner due to the darkness of the other objects in the photograph.

Focusing on lighting in digital captures...

Discussion by: nellb on Tue, 2010-09-21 14:14 with 0 comments

Over the summer, I  took many pictures without thinking about certain themes or ideas that I wanted to pursue come September when classes begin. However, when I took some time to evaluate my work, I noticed that I took a lot of images with lighting in mind. Although this may have been a subconcious move, the use of lighting and shadowing.

This is an example of a picture that i took this summer:

As I was capturing the image, I did no intend to have the sun hidden behind the cloadds. However, observing the intruiging effect of the photograph after taking it, I was fasinated by the darkness of the objects in the picture in contrast with the very bright sun.  This upcoming year, I would really like to focus on intentionally capturing the different aspects of light. In order to do this, I will be much more concious of where the sunjects in the photograph are in relation to the sun.


As The Sun Sets

Discussion by: nellb on Mon, 2010-05-17 08:53 with 6 comments

When editing pictures for digital photography, I really enjoyed working with burning and dodging. Burning makes photographs darker while dodging makes pictures lighter. Although this may not seem like an important tool, I feel that burning and dodging really have the ability to change the whole mood of a given photograph. When I was learning digital photography in school, there was a lot of structure to what needed to be done in the sense that certain steps needed to be taken. In my own work however, there are no steps whatsoever that I follow. I like my work to be completely organic and stem from what I am feeling. Hopefully, my work will go beyond simply a photograph and reach the point where it becomes a work of art.

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