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Most Interesting Knowledge

Discussion by: alex.ferree on Fri, 2011-03-18 14:17 with 1 comments

The most interesting thing that I learned was that despite the large ammounts of gasoline in the Middle East, and the US wanting to gain some control over that gasoline, the price of gas will increase no matter what, until a substitute becomes available. The demand for gasoline is climbing faster than the supply available. Therefore, no matter who controls the oil fields, the price for gas is going to increase. Its not who controls them that matters, its the global supply that does.

Working Bibliography: War on Terror

Discussion by: alex.ferree on Sun, 2011-03-13 17:31 with 0 comments

topic: war on terror
focusing question: Can a true democracy exist in the middle east, and is the US involvement really for the people of the middle east?

1. war on terror.” (“War on Terror”) "War on Terror." 2011. Web. <>.


Discussion by: alex.ferree on Tue, 2011-02-22 23:48 with 1 comments

After going through EBSCO, I have learned about how to narrow my thoughts and make my topic easier to research. It uses keywords to help you narrow your research to information that is more current with your topic. EBSCO allows you to enter keywords that you want added to your search, and also ones that you want discarded from the streaming list of resources. EBSCO also allows you to obtain more relevant research for your topic. EBSCO is a much better way to get current and relevant information, compared to search engines like yahoo and google.

War on Terror

Discussion by: alex.ferree on Wed, 2011-02-09 11:30 with 0 comments

After researching and browsing the internet looking for information on America's War on Terror, I found that there are a lot more countries involved with this war besides the US. In all there are 27 North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries allied with the United States. (“War on Terror”) "War on Terror." 2011. Web. <>. Another sobering fact is that there have been more than 54,800 US casualties so far, and with the war still going on, this number is only going to climb.

The Falsehood of Advertisement

Discussion by: alex.ferree on Mon, 2010-11-01 20:47 with 1 comments


This politcal ad for Agriculture Commisioner of Alabama uses a lot of intimidation factors. For one, the man running, Dale Peterson seems to be yelling throughout the entire commercial. He also puts emphasis on some of his words, such as "They don't give a RIPP about Alabama." and "Who would vote for such a DUMMY?" This man is angry, and his anger can intimidate some voters and make them scared of what might happen if they don't put him in charge, so they vote for him.

I found this ad simply by browsing YouTube for bad political ads.


Affirmitive Action

Discussion by: alex.ferree on Sun, 2010-10-03 20:25 with 0 comments

        Before class today, I wasn't completely sure what affirmative action even was. However, after reading several articles on it, I believe I have a minor grasp on it. My opinion on affirmative action is somewhere in the middle. I do believe that it can be a positive thing, but I also think that there are aspects to it that shouldn't be allowed. Such as the Bakke Case, in 1978, in which the medical school he was a applying to did not accept him, but instead accepted other minorities who had lower grades and scores. (

The Power of a Gun

Discussion by: alex.ferree on Sun, 2010-09-26 22:05 with 0 comments

    Growing up with relatives that have guns, from age 13 to over 40, I have always wondered, are there

a greater risk of being shot by your own gun if you have one? I decided to pursue this question, believing

that you are in more danger of having a gun, rather than not having one at all. I googled my question,

Video Game State of Mind

Discussion by: alex.ferree on Thu, 2010-09-16 20:01 with 0 comments

In the United States of America, 65% of the households play some sort of video game. ( Whether its Microsoft's Xbox 360, Sony's PS3 or Nintendo's Wii, most of the country plays video games. I myself, don't often have the time to indulge myself into one of these systems. That is why I decided to play a video game for this assignment. The game I played was on the PC. It was a game that I have had for years, but have not played in years. The game of course, is The SIMS. In this game, you take control of a family, build them a house and go through the daily motions of life. I played the game for about 45 minutes, and had to force myself to stop playing. After enjoying myself, I decided to look up some facts about video games, such as how do they affect one's school grades. I myself believed that there would be a correlation between the two, and that playing these games would reduce your grades and GPA. However, I was surprised to find that video games reduce your grades just as much as any other hobby, whether it be a sport or even reading.

The Negative Effects, or Lack there of, Attached to Violent Music

Discussion by: alex.ferree on Wed, 2010-09-08 15:22 with 0 comments

    As a listener to both rap and rock and roll, a question that often gets thrown around is whether or not, the usually negative lyrics have a bad effect on the people listening to it. According to different studies, the answer is yes, the lyrics do affect the listener in a negative way. The American Psychology Association (APA), any song with negative lyrics has a negative effect on the listener. The scientists from the APA concluded,  “The violent songs increased feelings of hostility without provocation or threat, according to the authors, and this effect was not the result of differences in musical style, specific performing artist or arousal properties of the songs. Even the humorous violent songs increased aggressive thoughts.”

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