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The life of becoming a doctor:My Personal Project

Discussion by: 14jimenezk on Fri, 2011-05-06 11:12 with 1 comments

I change topic because I didn't like the topic that I chose for personal project which was team sports or sports teams. I chose this topic of the life of becoming a doctor because it's interesting and also I want to become a doctor for my career. I can do a lot of research on my topic because my grandma works for a lot of doctors in the city. What I can from this topic is experience to become a doctor and to prepare for my future. 

Team Sports: My Personal Project

Discussion by: 14jimenezk on Wed, 2011-03-02 12:41 with 6 comments

 In the 10th grade, I am going to create a Personal Project in school. The project is going to be about team sports.

 I am interested in team sports. I when to Long Island City high school before I came to this school. The first day that i got to bsge, I asked what team sports does the school have. I was disappointed that the school only has two team sports. I wanted  to make more team sports or improve like the basketball or ping-pong or soccer or baseball.

 What I can learn from sports is a lot. There's teamwork, sportsmanship, and a lot of effect. I was in the school basketball team and I learned all of these qualities. I wanted to show or teach to other people. I also wanted to get more spirit in the school which I highly doubt.

 With the knowledge I have I probably can show people for the love of the sport. I can show people the passion for the game. The dedication for the sport like I have for basketball. There much a lack in sports in BSGE.

the MockingJay

Discussion by: 14jimenezk on Tue, 2010-09-28 11:39 with 0 comments

    In the MockingJay, Katniss is the girl who won the hunger games. she has a decided  is to become the symbol of the rebels or not.After the bombing of district 12, Katniss' sister,mom and gale survived. now there's a war between district 13 and the capitol. Katniss wants to kill president snow.

    The story is very similar to the civil war. the southern states against the northern states.

    This is like a MockingJay in the story 


Discussion by: 14jimenezk on Wed, 2010-09-22 22:36 with 0 comments

some guy running to make a touchdown

Touchdown!!! it's one of the excitement of football!!! all the practice makes perfect. it's helps you to become pro. the more do the plays. the more you make touchdown. football or any sports takes the stress away. also anger too.

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