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New York Primary Results

Discussion by: 18kimj on Thu, 2016-04-21 10:51 with 0 comments

Based off the New York Primary results, Donald Trump won with 60.4 percent of the votes, and Hillary Clinton won with 58 percent of the votes. The results of the New York Primary also shows that there is a lot of Donald Trump supporters from where I live, Woodside. In Woodside, approximately 44.8 percent of the people voted for Donald Trump, while 41.4 percent of the people voted for John Kasich, and 13.8 percent voted for Ted Cruz. In the Democratic side of the New York Primary, the citizens in Woodside voted mainly for Hillary Clinton.

Presidential Healthcare Essay

Discussion by: 18kimj on Mon, 2016-03-28 20:56 with 0 comments

The Democrats and Republican views on health care are very different. Democrats severely disagree with the Republican agenda regarding health care and Medicare. Republicans are fighting tooth and nail against the Affordable Care Act, in hopes of having it repealed, while Democrats still stand behind it, adamant that all Americans are entitled to health care. The largest discrepancy in beliefs is in the cost of the act.

Donald Trump's Immigration Policy

Discussion by: 18kimj on Wed, 2016-03-09 11:58 with 0 comments

A major topic that seems to be discussed around by a lot of people is Donald Trump's immigration policy. Donald Trump states that we are the only country in the world whose immigration system puts the need of other nations ahead of our own. However, Donald Trump's immigration policy seems to target more Mexicans than any other race.

Donald Trump will most likely be the Republican Representative for President

Discussion by: 18kimj on Fri, 2016-01-29 18:50 with 4 comments

Donald Trump will most likely be the Republican representative for president of 2016. And more than two-thirds of Republicans say he's the candidate most likely to capture their party's presidential nomination. Trump's lead is clearly significant and the poll finds him well ahead of the field among a range among other candidates. He leads among both men and women, younger and older voters, white evangelicals, conservatives and both self-identified Republicans and independents who lean toward the party.

Hillary Clinton will most likely be the Democratic Representative for President

Discussion by: 18kimj on Thu, 2016-01-21 11:54 with 3 comments

Based on the evidence that I have found in the internet, I believe that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic candidate for president of 2016. Based on the breakdown of the survey taken before and after the debate, Clinton’s lead has grown even more after the debate. Before Saturday, Clinton was leading Sanders 45 percent to 37 percent. In surveys taken after Saturday, Clinton shot up to 60 percent while Sanders dropped down to 27 percent.

The Dangers of Sexting

Discussion by: 18kimj on Thu, 2015-12-17 11:59 with 0 comments

There are many dangers that come with sexting. Sexting is to send someone sexually explicit photographs or messages via social media. Based on this article that I found through the internet, over the past few years, sexting has increased dramatically. The consequences of sexting are severe and could either ruin a reputation or a life. Anything that is sent through social media, stays in the internet. Therefore, naked or sexually explicit pictures that people send to other people, stays in the internet and will never go away.

My Boring Summer

Discussion by: 18kimj on Fri, 2015-09-18 22:57 with 0 comments

The summer of 2015 was one that I have never faced in my entire life. Over the whole course of the summer, I was so bored that I slept four more hours than I usually do. I like to keep my days interesting, but i did absolutely nothing interesting or worth talking about during this summer. The first month of the summer, I just focused on doing my summer homework and preparing for my next year of high school. Honestly, it was kinda my fault that my summer was really boring because I did not try to think of ideas that will make my summer interesting.

Lincoln's Grave Robbers Book Review

Discussion by: 18kimj on Wed, 2014-06-04 18:20 with 2 comments

During the Civil War, the United States Treasury began for the first time to print paper money in large quantities, and counterfeiting became a big business since dollars were so easy to copy and print. By the end of the war, fifty percent of the paper money in circulation was counterfeit, and much of it could be traced to one extremely gifted engraver, Ben Boyd. The government responded to the problem by creating the Secret Service, a division of the Treasury originally charged solely with hunting down counterfeiters (coney men, for short) and closing down their operations.

Cultural Advisory Project

Discussion by: 18kimj on Sat, 2014-01-11 00:46 with 0 comments

1 pound garaetteok/tteokbokki tteok* (Rice Cakes), that has to be about 2-inch long.
1 teaspoon soy sauce
1 teaspoon sesame oil
4 ounces lean beef like sirloin or rib eye
1 medium size carrot
1/2 medium size sweet onion
salt and pepper to taste
2 teaspoons sugar

Uncle Tom's Cabin

Discussion by: 18kimj on Sat, 2014-01-11 00:25 with 0 comments

Having run up large debts, a Kentucky farmer named Arthur Shelby faces the prospect of losing everything he owns. Though he and his wife, Emily Shelby, have a kindhearted and affectionate relationship with their slaves, Shelby decides to raise money by selling two of his slaves to Mr. Haley, a coarse slave trader. The slaves in question are Uncle Tom, a middle-aged man with a wife and children on the farm, and Harry, the young son of Mrs. Shelby’s maid Eliza.

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