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Reaction video

Discussion by: Mr. Jacobs on Mon, 2016-06-06 10:03 with 0 comments

External video: 

Students show their artwork along with faces reacting. They add sounds and music for a fuller experience.

ARE CLOWNS RUINED? Why do today's teens fear clowns?

Discussion by: Mr. Jacobs on Sun, 2016-04-17 23:36 with 0 comments

Our art students were asked to make a reaction video showing two of their artworks. We showed pictures of clowns as examples, one a friendly clown and one scary.

Many of our students explained that they are frightened of clowns. Can you explain why?

Donald Trump and the KKK? What's up with that?

Discussion by: Mr. Jacobs on Tue, 2016-03-01 11:00 with 2 comments

The Washington Post reported that Donald Trump's dad was arrested in 1927 during a march of the KKK that turned violent.

This past weekend, Donald Trump was asked in an interview whether he accepts support of David Duke, a Grand Wizard in the Ku Klux Klan. Trump would not answer, saying he never heard of David Duke.

Making Learning Competencies Shorter for Art

Discussion by: Mr. Jacobs on Mon, 2014-06-23 13:08 with 4 comments

For Art class, I turned seven of the learning competencies into very short names, mostly just one word.

This makes it easier to think about for visual art.

PRECISION - doing things carefully, exactly. Sometimes it means going slower to make things right, but sometimes it means revising.

STRUCTURE - noticing the way things are built from pieces, or that they are made in steps. Examples: a car or a skeleton.

RESEARCH - looking for ideas or information to use in my work, then listing the source.

SELF-DIRECTION - when I decided what to do or where to look.

Miami Heat Going Down?

Discussion by: Mr. Jacobs on Fri, 2014-06-13 09:25 with 1 comments

Last night the Heat got blown out by the Spurs. This means Lebron and Miami are now facing elimination. The Heat are a big deal in my school but people don't realize Tim Duncan has more rings than Lebron.

I think the Spurs are leading because they have more of a game plan. The Heat rely on three players too much. The Spurs use their whole team, relying on their bench players to be ready. The Heat rely on making athletic plays too much. I think instead they need to use better strategy. Coach Popovich is looking for his fifth ring and I think he'll get it soon.

Hoodie Day?

Discussion by: Mr. Jacobs on Wed, 2014-02-26 10:38 with 4 comments
Wearing a hoodie in Congress
Mt. Hoodie
B-Boy art at NDSS

Mr. Paul told kids in our school that today was going to be "hoodie day", a day to wear hoods to remember the second anniversary of the Trayvon Martin incident.

So I wore my hood today, but as the Art teacher in the school, I also got curious about the art of hoodies, a kind of new thing in the fashion world. When I went looking on Google images and Bing images, I found some pictures and decided I will create a lesson in my class where kids will make hoodie designs.

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