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Self Portrait - Now and 20 years later

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Every time when I look at this portrait, it reminds me of that awkward moment in Art class half a year ago. Because the class was going to draw portraits of ourselves, Art teacher Mister Marini took close up photos of us during class. When it was my turn, Mister Marini failed to take the first photo. I was about to laugh. Then, I didn’t know when, my teacher took another picture while I was deep breathing. Comparing to my peers’ photos, mine looked strange. My classmates couldn’t stop laughing at me every time when they saw my photo. That was how I started working on my portrait.

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Inquiry

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Worker in Japan.

Recently in English we’ve been studying the Japan earthquake and tsunami. At first, I thought that’s normal to have earthquake in Japan. However, when I keep reading the news about the Sendai earthquake, I know that’s a serious natural disaster. When I was watching the Japan tsunami in Japan, I was shocked. The water, which looked black and didn’t look like water, flooded the whole land in a few seconds. People, houses and cars were swept by the flood. I couldn’t believe what I was watching on TV! Everything seemed like it was happening in a movie.

Mini inquiry project about environmental protection

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Letter of the New Jersey Plan

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This is something I wrote for my history class.

To whom it may concern,

I represented the people of New Jersey. The people in New Jersey supported the New Jersey Plan.
This plan was proposed by William Paterson to the Article of Confederation. This plan mainly responded to the Virginia Plan. Because the smaller states felt that the larger states would be in control due to population, William Paterson argued that the convention had no power to deprive the smaller states of equality they enjoyed under the Articles of Confederation. Therefore, he proposed the New Jersey Plan. In the plan, the Articles of Confederation including one vote for each state represented in legislature will be continued. Congress would be strengthened so that it could impose taxes and regulate trade. Also, the acts of Congress would be the supreme law of the states. On the other hand, the executives should serve a single term and were subject to recall based on the request of state governors. The Supreme Court would be appointed by the executive. Also, a judiciary should be appointed by the executives with life terms of service.

Letter of the Virginia Plan

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This is something I wrote for my history class.

To whom it may concern,

I represented the people of Virginia. The people in Virginia supported the Virginia Plan.

This plan was the thought of James Madison and officially proposed by Edmund Randolph to the Article of Confederation. In the plan, there would be a bicameral legislature (two-house), which the lower house would be chosen by the people and the upper house would be chosen by the lower house. Both houses' representation would be proportional (based upon population). Also, the legislature should be very powerful. Therefore, the chief executive and judiciary should be chosen by the legislature. The legislature would have the power to annul any state laws that had found unconstitutionally. National veto power should be over any state legislation.

Thomas Jefferson

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This is somthing I wrote for my history class.


I was the third president of the United States – Thomas Jefferson. I was born in 1743 to
a wealthy family. My father was a successful planter, and my mother was a member of
one of the most distinguished families in Virginia. Something you might not know about
me was that I loved to eat cheese. I was once given a 1235 pound hunk of cheese. Since
then, people kept calling me “the big cheese”. After studying at the College of William
and Mary, I became a lawyer. Although I was shy and reserved, I was elected to
Virginia’s House of Burgesses in 1768. I had only a few friends and my best friend was
John Adams. Nevertheless, we became adversaries because we had different political

Anti Federalism

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People are born with natural rights, “life, liberty, and property”. In history, Thomas Jefferson claimed to fight for people’s natural rights. Without natural rights, people lose their authority of being humans. Anti-Federalism is the only way to treat all people fairly. In our ideal government, there should not be a constitution establishing a strong central government. The power should be offer to the thirteen states. Also, the Bill of Rights is absolutely necessary. The country should be a small republic and the Articles of Confederation should be amended, not abandoned.

The influence of manorialism and communism

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Governments always wanted changes for their societies. In order to change their economic systems, there were different policies to help the society to improve.

French Revolution

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In the history, governments implement policies for changing the society.

Criminal and personality

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I'm now thinking about my topic, personality. I found it more interesting for me because it closely related to our lives.
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