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Colorful Junk

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Colorful Junk

Rainbow piles
Pretty smashed
Like a colored piece of art
Big art
By Kylon

A Fish

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A fish

Blue peach colored
Happy and good to be free
Black and green
A sea creature

Jazz Man

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Jazz man

Loud, tall
Famous, blond, handsome
Man who plays jazz.
By Matthew

The Rainbow Day

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by Isabella

The Rainbow Day

Colorful, Beautiful
Happiest person on earth
Bright, Pretty
Light from a crystal

Bird Gang by Matthew

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A Cold Day

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Sandy, the Saguaro Cactus

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Matthew researched the saguaro cactus and created a clay stop motion video. We used Photostory. He is disappointed that the movements are not smoother from one slide to the next. I suggested that we upload it here and ask for advice. Should we use another program such as Moviemaker. Any suggestions would be helpful for the next time. Thanks!

Life as a Baby Animal

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Wild Goose Chase

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goose chasing boy

Matthew wrote a story about a goose coming into his yard. He learned to use quotation marks and onomatopoeia to enhance his story.

Wild Goose Chase
By Matthew

One day I went outside. Then I saw a goose! I tried to scare it,
But I got bit. “Honk honk honk,” it honked.
“Mom help,” I cried. “There’s a goose in our yard!”
And she scared it away. She said, “Shoo goose! Shoo goose!”
That was the goofiest goose ever.

Summer Poems

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Summer Sun

Matthew and Kaylie wrote poems about their summer fun.

Summer Fun
By Kaylie
Ice-cream trucks and lemonade
At art camp, crafts were made
Hot pancakes with sticky syrup
A dip in the pool
Gets you nice and cool
Not a cloud in the sky
Sweet treats to bake and to eat
Gritty sand underneath your feet
It doesn’t last very long
I am done singing my summer song.

Summer time
by Matthew

Summer is sprinkly sand beneath my toes.
Summer is having fun in a swimming pool.
Summer is ice cream cones and cherry soda dripping
From your chin

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