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The Health Aspect Of Veganism

Discussion by: nfelix on Mon, 2014-07-21 11:28 with 0 comments

In The Manila Times post “Vegan Communities Growing, Along With Research On Health Benefits” from, the author explains the countless health benefits of veganism and how such diet can ultimately help people cure their diseases and illnesses.

Treat Your Body Like A Temple. Be Vegan.

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6 Word Memoir

Discussion by: nfelix on Mon, 2014-07-07 12:26 with 2 comments

I'm a student at Bronx Leadership Academy II in the Bronx, NY, and I'm a participant in the 2014 Youth Voices Summer Program. My name is Nashaly Felix and I am an animal and nature enthusiast. I was born in the sun-drenched island chain of Puerto Rico, Humacao and lived in Puerto Rico for three years before my family decided to move to New York. My life in Puerto Rico was phenomenal, specifically because my grandfather owned a miniature farm behind our home. I had an immense number of animals, from chickens, turkeys and rabbits to kitties and puppies.

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