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Huck Finn: Freedom

Discussion by: Sami2016 on Fri, 2015-05-15 12:47 with 1 comments

A prominent theme in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is freedom. The book takes place in a time when slavery was still legal and thriving. Huckleberry Finn is the main character; although he is white, he struggles with his own freedom. Huck has a drunk and abusive father named Pap who attempts to control Huck; often telling him not to go to school. Pap fears that Huck’s intelligence will surpass his own. At one point, Pap locks Huck in their house and leaves him alone for days. Huck can’t take the abuse anymore and fakes his own death; leaving his home behind.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Discussion by: Sami2016 on Tue, 2015-04-28 14:23 with 1 comments

In my American Literature class we are reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and writing dialectic journals as we read; this is one of my entries:
“I was all over welts.” (22)

I Believe in Individuality and Standing Up for Radical Ideas

Discussion by: Sami2016 on Fri, 2015-03-13 12:50 with 7 comments

This essay is introduced, then begins after 1:17 min.

Great Gatsby 2013 Movie

Discussion by: Sami2016 on Tue, 2014-11-18 20:26 with 2 comments

The 2013 version of The Great Gatsby is an impressive depiction of the events that take place in the novel. A major theme throughout the story is the importance of materialism in the 1920's. From the extravagant lifestyle blatantly shown and talked about in the story, to even the colors and contrasting lighting, I think that the importance of materialism is represented quite well. Beautiful, expensive clothes, his expensive car and castle-like home, material items are obviously important to Gatsby. Flashy and desirable, Gatsby puts on an extraordinary show, attempting to win Daisy’s heart.


Discussion by: Sami2016 on Thu, 2014-10-02 13:36 with 0 comments

Samantha, I know what you’re thinking, how original right? I feel the same way, I would have preferred my parents to name me something charming like Imogen or Violet because I think those names are unique and have a lovely ring to them. Samantha is utterly boring. I suppose there are some good things, I can be called “Sami” or “Sam” by those who I am close to and “Samantha” when I decide to take something seriously. However, looking at its name etymology, I do see why I was meant to have this name.

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