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Global warming, the debate heats up

Discussion by: lifeinthe21 on Fri, 2012-01-27 13:51 with 0 comments

Recently my class was privileged enough to go see Chasing Ice, a documentary premiering at the Sundance Film Festival. The documentary is about a photographer James Balog who over the course of a few years planted 30 cameras around glaciers located in Montana, Iceland, and Alaska. The cameras would take pictures every hour for the next few years. Then they would collect the pictures and make a time lapse to show how the glaciers were melting.


Discussion by: lifeinthe21 on Fri, 2012-01-20 11:57 with 2 comments

So it's that time of year again when Main Street is crowded and stars shine their light on the town of Park City, UT. For ten days a year Park City id put on the map as one of the places to be to see good films, hear good music and have fun. As a local living in Park City I love when Sundance comes around. I love the excitement that surrounds getting ready for the festival and the chaos during the festival. It is always a local favorite to go out to main street and try to catch a glimpse of someone famous getting in and out of a car.

Hello College, Goodbye High School

Discussion by: lifeinthe21 on Thu, 2012-01-05 15:21 with 0 comments

So if you are a Senior like me you are finishing up your 1st semester of senior year and preparing for the last. And if anyone is like me it has probably just hit you that this will be your last semester of high school, at the end of this semester we graduate and continue on to college. I am scared, so scared. The new places, people and overall experience. I don't like change, gradual change is ok but this is a huge change and if you're a senior and say you're not scared then you must be lying. Everyone is a little scared about moving to college. It is the next step in our lives.

Is Star Wars Everything it's cracked up to be?

Discussion by: lifeinthe21 on Mon, 2012-01-02 21:48 with 0 comments

Most would laugh at the lack of classic movies I have yet to see, one of them being Star Wars which up until yesterday I had never seen. Until my friend made me watch it while we were at her house. All my close friends have seen Star Wars and tease me for not having seen it. Well now I finally saw it, well the first one anyway. I thought it was ok for they type of movie it was. I am not a big galaxy, fantasy science fiction person so I would not have watched it on my own.

I had a life, then I got Facebook

Discussion by: lifeinthe21 on Thu, 2011-12-15 22:27 with 19 comments
Late night. By Grace Haley, a Youth Voices pook photographer on Flickr.

If you are like me or any other teenager in the nation there is a pretty good chance that you have a Facebook. Facebook has taken over social networking as we know it. You can post pics, statuses, music and pretty much anything you want people to know.

I like Facebook, it allows me to keep in touch with family and friends, and keep up to date on things. But lately I am noticing just how much time I am spending on it. Before Facebook I had to occupy myself with other things. Now when I am bored I automatically go to Facebook.

Can teenagers fall in love?

Discussion by: lifeinthe21 on Thu, 2011-12-08 20:41 with 8 comments

What is Love? And can teenagers fall in love? I think so. Parents will say "Oh no, its just puppy love, it isn't real" well it's real to us. If they are saying we aren't feeling love, then what? Are our emotions fake?

I mean I am not saying that just because a teenager says they love somebody that means they are going to go book a church, but a wedding dress and get married but I do think teenagers can feel love. Love is a funny thing because everyone has a different definition of what love is.

If today was your last day

Discussion by: lifeinthe21 on Wed, 2011-11-30 23:25 with 2 comments

In religion class recently we have been discussing the controversial topics of Euthanasia and suicide.

While I am not going to go into whether I agree or disagree with morality of those actions I want to ask you a question my teacher asked our class. She gave us a paper called "3 months to live" and you had to write a list of ten things you wanted to do if you knew you only had three months more to live your life, money and the law not being a problem.

After we completed the sheet she asked "Would you want to know the exact time and day you were going to die?"

How far is too far?

Discussion by: lifeinthe21 on Thu, 2011-11-17 16:34 with 5 comments
Judge Logo Star Trails by Harveyben a Youth Voices pool photographer on Flickr

If you have been in Judge Memorial this last week you have either heard a lot about or seen the Swastikas that have been popping up all over school, mainly the big one in the stairwell.

As a Jewish student attending a Catholic school I understand that I am a minority. I understand that teenagers do stupid things and that they make jokes. Not just about Jews but about Mormons, African Americans, Hispanics and disabled people.

Is there such thing as a Utopia?

Discussion by: lifeinthe21 on Wed, 2011-11-09 21:31 with 0 comments

Do utopias actually exist? Or are they just something we have come up with to describe what we wish was a perfect world? Does perfection really exist? Recently lots of movies and books have been coming out about Utopias and dystopias like the movie In Time and the book Matched. In both of these stories though, the main character finds that life in their world isn't all that perfect as it seems. In Matched Cassia realizes that having the officials decide who you love, where you work,how you spend your time and when you die isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Cain and Abel?

Discussion by: lifeinthe21 on Wed, 2011-11-02 23:20 with 0 comments

Is it right to try to destroy someone else's reputation for the sake of winning? Right now presidential candidate Herman Cain, has had his reputation questioned by some who say he made unwanted sexual advances towards women. Cain denies that these rumors are false and no where near true. If that is the case and the rumors are indeed false, then is it right to try to destroy someones reputation so you can win? It is definitely a dirty way to play, and it isn't fair. But there are no rules in presidential campaigns. Every man for himself it looks like.

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