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Different People so unrelated

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Group Project
Individual Project
Group Project Plan - Part 1
Group Project Plan - Part 2
Group Project Plan - Part 3
Group Project Plan - Part 4
Group Project Plan - Color Key

Individual Project -

What my Game is About

Ayiti: The Game of Life Summary

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Ayiti: The Cost of Life

Ayiti: The Cost of LifeThe game on is a game about a black family of 5 people trying to survive in the land of Haiti. In the game, there are four strategies that you can use to try and beat the game, education, health, happiness, and money.

I played this game three times and I used three different strategies to try and beat the game - education, money, and health.

The Stolen Project

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The Stolen Project
Act 1
Act 2
Act 3

This project was created in Scratch and it talks about a boy who thought he hd his math project, but was fooled, and it actually turns out, he lost it or in other words, he found out someone stole it. So, he starts to be suspicious of his friend, who comes late to math class, because apparently he had to go somewhere. Therefore, the boy goes where his friend went before class, and finds his math project there.
Script -
Setting - The school hallway, where lockers are located.
A young boy and his friend enter from stage left

How Can I Use The Internet While Avoiding Its Risks

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I can use the Internet very cautiously and keenly to avoid its risks. For one, I can pay attention to what applications, programs, or files I download because viruses and trojans and other types of malware can exist in the download and greatly affect how my computer runs. Also, you should be careful of the games you play and download because they could have trojans or spyware or for that matter, any type of malware.

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